St Joseph’s take part in Shadow Places

The Cad Factory has a massive work in the making – but it won’t be doing it alone.

The students of St Joseph’s Primary School are helping to put together Shadow Places. With the plan to exhibit the work at the Narrandera Travelling Stock Route, Shadow Places will be on display in October.

“We try to have an artist workshop with the school kids,” said Vic McEwan, Artistic Director of the Cad Factory.

“We’re trying to take away some of the strangeness of making art. It’s great for the kids to know that that’s something they can have, that it’s not inaccessible.”

Last Thursday the students from St Joseph’s went out to the travelling stock route to take photos and gather objects that they can make into their artworks.

“We put them in groups to make artworks,” Mr McEwan said.

“The road goes all the way to the river so the works will be spread out. There’ll be nine sections, so St Josephs has its own section.”

Daniel Harrison and James Langley with their found objects.

The students have a reasonable amount of free reign in their choice of artworks.

“We’ve got to do a poem, we’ve got to take five photos, and draw something,” said St Joseph’s student Macy Vearing.

“It’s all in one big group so all of year five are doing it. But we’re all in five little groups, so in our little groups we have to do the three things.

“I’m not sure how it’s going to work. We have to decide what art pieces we’re going to do, we might make a video, we might record some music, and stuff like that.”

The works will be displayed in a very unusual way.

“We’re going to be having round hay bales, and we’re going to be projecting videos on to hay bales, and we’re going to be taking pictures,” said student Riley Roden.

“There’ll be hay bales everywhere and then there’ll be little projectors everywhere. So you’d be walking across and you’d see,” said fellow student Laura Porter.

Some of the students had novel ideas about what to use for their artworks. Sticks, wire mesh, and a basket were some of the objects found, but a burnt-out car proved to be the most popular choice for finding objets d’art.

The students also took photos of what they saw: black swans, a dam bank and a cluster of saplings all proved popular.

After exploring their surroundings, the students sat down to write poems about their experience.

Shadow Places will be a large scale collaboration between local Riverina artists and visiting artists. The students’ work will be displayed alongside artists such as Aunty Lorraine Tye, Casey Ankers, Julie Montgarrett, Clytie Smith, and Fausto Brusamolino.

“We like to do things with the schools, even if it’s just a workshop. And I love it when an internationally renowned artist comes here and does a workshop for the kids at the Boree Creek school,” Mr McEwan said.

“And they’re back at the burnt-out car. They love nature,” he added dryly.

Shadow Places will exhibit between Thursday 26 October and Sunday 29, to coincide with the weekend of the Rural Women’s Gathering.

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