Historic grandstand damaged by vandals

The damage to the grandstand in the Marie Bashir Park. The grandstand is now cordoned off for public safety.

The timber boards at the grandstand at Marie Bashir Park suffered significant damage in a vandalism attack which the Narrandera Shire Council estimates will cost $600 to fix.

Substantial holes are now in the seats of the grandstand, which the Narrandera Shire Council has cordoned off for public safety.

“It’s disappointing to see community infrastructure being damaged, particularly when Council is embarking on an upgrade of facilities in Marie Bashir Park for the benefit of young people and the community as a whole,” Mayor Cr Neville Kschenka.

The repair works are to be conducted by Council staff once necessary materials have been sourced.

An eyewitness claimed to have seen a group of boys aged in their early teens or younger at the park on April 18 at roughly 1pm.

According to the eyewitness, the children used their scooters to smash the boards by jumping up and down and allowing the front wheels to break the floorboards.

The eyewitness statement also said other children were present to witness the damage.

“This does not reflect on the hundreds of young children who enjoy riding scooters and skateboards on the skateboard park nearby,” the eyewitness said in their statement.

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  1. A discreet, temporary surveillance camera, set up to see who comes back for a closer look, or to gloat, could be of some benefit.

  2. hmmm and the witness just watched instead of calling the police straight away?!

    some people in this town are such idiots when they see this vandalism and dont bother doing any more than watch. why cant people be more proactive when they see this happening?

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