WYRUNA – the story continues

Part Two

The property Wyruna is a substantial holding in a highly regarded area – a family property over three generations but there is now a doubt that the fourth generation can continue to own and manage it.

Wyruna has been owned by Molly’s family for three generations. However she recently inherited the property through a tragic set of circumstances with both her parents killed in an horrific road accident when she was just 20 years of age. After her late parents inherited the property they set about modernising it in every way as it was reasonably run down prior to them taking over. However this undertaking was cut short by their untimely deaths so now it is an incomplete

For the first three months after the accident she had to not only cope with an unbelievable sense of grief and loss but also take over the day to day running of Wyruna. Molly being an only child was not trained to manage such an onerous task and enjoyed a very sheltered upbringing. She completed her secondary
education at an exclusive Sydney boarding school where she gained a very high academic achievement.

During the years growing up on the property she had always displayed a keen interest in how her father managed the farm. She became an accomplished rider owning her own horses and became quite adept in helping her father with the continuous care of the farm animals and in particular the sheep operation. Whilst her father continued to pass on his knowledge to her in the running and care of their land he did not have a lot of time to do so.

After completing her secondary education she did not take a gap year but applied for and was accepted into Sydney University to study Veterinary Science. At the time of the accident she had started the third year of the degree and was enjoying the university experience and achieving at a high level.

Both her grandparents, and afterwards her father, employed a farm worker who being a bachelor had made Wyruna his permanent home and lived in a very neat and tidy bungalow – in the main caring for himself. Now over 70 years old he rarely left the farm and appeared happy and contented with his present way of life. Tex, as he is called, has his own working dogs and horses which he favoured, never fully trusting two-wheeled machines. He now had very little to do with the farming and cereal growing operations but was content to busy himself with the livestock operation. So it is that his presence was of immense help over these last three months. However, the workload in regard to the daily management of the sheep was ramping up somewhat as the ewes started lambing and daily attention to the mob was necessary to avoid losses.

Molly was the sole beneficiary of her parents’ last Will and Testament and so in her own interests had to take absolute control of the property, which was now her responsibility and hers alone. To date she had relied heavily on the advice of her uncle and aunt who were also the executors of the will, as well as using them as a reliable sounding board.

And so it was that after three months she knew that she must make the big decision as to whether to keep the property and become a full-time farmer or, as she was being strongly advised by friends and relatives, to sell up and to continue her studies, from which she had to take leave and postpone.

It is a career that promised so much, as she had already been noticed and approached by a large multi-national company to come on board and join their advanced drug development team after graduation. And so it was that she talked to and took advice from so many well meaning people but was now still quite confused and uncertain of the path that she should choose to follow.

Now knowing and fully aware of the importance of an early decision, she promised to not delay much longer, asking for another four weeks or so to finally convince herself and be happy that she had made the right choice. This is quite acceptable to her solicitors and executors.

to be continued…

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