WYRUNA – decision time looms

Part Three

Life’s decisions are sometimes very difficult and exhausting to make, but once done must be made to work and expanded if true happiness is to be found.

Wyruna is not an easy property to manage as it is designed to support two very successful branches of mixed farming. Molly’s father was very involved in the
livestock side of the business and it was quite profitable. The farming and growing of cereal crops, also a large part of the farming activity, most years planting up to 3500 acres of crop, is mainly carried out by sharefarmers. So if Molly elects to stay on she will have to completely re-arrange the management required
to keep the property performing at the level now being achieved.

On average and over the years 3000 merino ewes have been carried and lambed down. The ewes are joined to Border Leicester rams so as to breed a first cross lamb of which the ewe portion is strongly sort after by Victorian buyers eager to purchase replacement breeders for their fat lamb program. To be able to achieve this breeding cycle that has to date been carried out on Wyruna only station bred Peppin blood cast for age ewes (five years) are purchased. These ewes must be a March–April drop. The reason for this being that the premium end of the sales program is for the March/April drop first cross ewe lamb and having older ewes tends to achieve this. The sires being border leicester rams and of an English background tend to breed more to a June/July cycle if mated to younger ewes. Each year one third of the ewes are culled and a further 1000 ewes purchased to continue the program.

And so this is Molly’s dilemma. The final decision that she takes will most likely dominate and shape her whole life. Whilst she now feels that she will be taking a certain path that she wishes to travel there is still that uncertainty. So it is that after months of consideration and debate she can always conjure up strong reasons for the argument to sell and move permanently to Sydney to re-unite with all her friends and fellow students and so carry on with her studies and eventually promising career. Just as strong reasons prevail to stay on the property where she will still be able to live a very successful and rewarding life. Both alternatives are so different and equally desirable.

Decision time has finally arrived and so it is that tomorrow she had a meeting with the executors of the estate at her solicitors office to confirm the path that she has chosen to follow and complete the formalities. So as to convince herself that she has made the right decision she has with her three faithful sheep dogs plus her mother’s Jack Russell, walked about a mile from the homestead to a rocky, treed and elevated area that she has visited many times over the last four months.

It is a peaceful and private place where she can think and plan without being interrupted. As she finds a suitable place to sit down she is covered in attention by her three faithful sheep dogs and she has to dismiss them with a strong rebuke. However, they only move far enough to feel comfortable and from there to watch her with a seemingly inquisitive interest and she somehow feels that they suspect that she is under stress and is now not the happy talkative person they were becoming used to. Little do they realise that their present and future wellbeing is now being planned and confirmed as it will run in tandem with her own. The Jack Russell has no such interest in the proceedings as by now he has picked up the scent of a long gone rabbit which he tries to turn into a chase.

As the sun sinks slowly in the western sky she watches the long shadows pass over the property below her: She is transfixed by the beauty of it. The land, the buildings and the livestock are all there for her to take in with a single sweep of her gaze. Now her heritage. She is both elated and sad as it is hers to own and nurture if that is the path she takes.

Molly is a tall, slender and very attractive lady with a keen if not brilliant academic mind so she would have no trouble being accepted anywhere. However, she must now return to the homestead, care for her animals and make final arrangements for tomorrow.

to be continued…

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