WYRUNA – a new dawn

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Part Four

It is now time to move on. Put the past to aside and welcome a new start. Dawn is just breaking as Molly emerges from the homestead and makes her way towards the stables, where she finds and greets Tex with a cheerful good morning.

As usual he has been up and about for quite a while. Saddling up two horses and busying himself with a few small chores that always need attending to. As lambing is now in full swing the daily routine of going around the mobs of ewes as early as possible is very important. There will no doubt be a few of the ewes that have had lambing problems overnight so early attention must be given to them. Whilst there have been a few foxes of late the sheep have the advantage of being guarded by groups of alpacas.

Horses are only used to carry out the early morning inspection so as to not unduly disturb the mob and in particular the ewes with newborn lambs who could if unduly disturbed leave their lambs and then fail to mother up again. This morning things go off very well, only having to play midwife to two ewes helping both deliver twin lambs.

As they make their way back to the stable area and close the last gate behind them, still 100 yards away, the challenge is loudly given – last person home feeds and cares for the two riding mounts. As is mostly usual Tex riding his thoroughbred mare easily wins over Molly’s stock horse. But always a gentleman Tex puts a cross on the wall and elects to carry out this chore anyway.

The appointment at the solicitor’s office is at noon and as there is still much to be done Molly must not waste any time. Today she has asked Tex to accompany her as she intends to inform him of her final decision before anyone else. This she feels he is entitled to out of respect for such a long and loyal association with the family. She also intends to visit her parents’ final resting place to ask for their forgiveness and to confess to them also the path she now intends to take and trusting that given other times they would agree with her.

And so it is that promptly at noon she walks purposely into the solicitor’s waiting room and greets both her uncle and aunt, who as executors will have to support the legal matters concerning transfers and many other legal requirements. Before meeting the solicitor she again confirms with them both her final decision as to what happens going forward. Whilst accepting her wishes without any negative comment they are also quite pleased that now within a short time all outstanding matters will be resolved and everyone will be able to get on with normal lifestyles once again.

Now all interested parties sitting across the solicitor’s large desk, the full reality sinks in. Her solicitor, and we will call him Geoff, carefully and thoroughly outlines the legalities that are to be covered and after a cup of tea is offered and accepted and served by his personal secretary the final agreements and signings take place. And so it is that four months since the fatal accident that killed her parents the legalities of their wills are completed, signed, sealed and delivered and Molly is now the sole owner of Wyuna and all that goes with it to complete the farming enterprise.

Not only is the enormity of it hard for her to contemplate but Molly has sadly accepted that she will not be returning to Sydney, nor to her studies, but will now continue to own and farm Wyruna as has been done by her family before her. After taking leave from her solicitor and her aunt and uncle and thanking them for staying with her all this time she leaves to meet up with Tex and advise him of her final decision to stay on. She then invites him to have lunch with her, during which he seems to be unable to contain his joy and that his future is now confirmed to remain at Wyruna.

Molly will tonight take time to ring and inform her faculty professor and all her other close friends in Sydney to tell them that she will not be returning. She now fully realises the massive task of managing her own future and that it will not be an easy task.

to be continued…

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