Wipe out

Lake Talbot was the venue for the Malibu Ski Series at the weekend, with the pesentation of life memberships to stalwarts Bob and Pam Beazley one of the highlights of the weekend.

Narrandera Aquatic Ski and Tournament Club Incorporated awarded life membership to well known water ski stalwarts Bob and Pam Beazley on the weekend.

A presentation dinner was held at the Narrandera Bowling Club on the Saturday night as part of the Malibu Ski Series which Narrandera and its picturesque Lake Talbot hosted at the weekend.

The auditorium was packed with approximately 90 people attending the dinner and presentation. Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke attended on the Saturday to present Bob and Pam with life membership.

This was a great surprise for Bob and Pam as they have been involved with water skiing and tournament judging since 1973. Narrandera Shire Mayor Neville Kschenka and Councillor Narelle Payne also attended to make this a special event for the Narrandera Ski and Tournament Club.

The club has dedicated the ski jump to Bob and Pam with a new banner as appreciation for what they have contributed to water skiing.

Mayor Kschenka and his wife Carmel attended the dinner and the Mayor presented Bob and Pam with a Certificate of Appreciation for their tireless hours and dedication to water skiing and judging at State, National and World level.

Bill Robinson, a very close family friend of Bob and Pam, spoke on the times they had together to make the Lake what it is today and how they both held executive positions at the different levels on tournaments.

Garry Humphry spoke on behalf on the Australian Wake Board and Water Ski Association. Cherie Buck (Hayllar) took the audience down memory lane and spoke of the time that Bob and Pam gave to get her to events and the extra training that allowed Cherie to compete at State and National events and Chile at World Level last year. Cherie must also be congratulated what she has achieved.

Murray Pigdon attended the Malibu Ski Series and also spoke on the work that Bob and Pam had done at Colombo Creek assisting them to run ski schools on the Creek.

A raffle was drawn on the evening by Pam Beazley and this was donated by Malibu Albury, which was much appreciated.

Lake Talbot hosted Round 7 of the Malibu Ski Series over the weekend with approximately 52 skiers competing over the two days. The event attracted many people from surrounding areas and the organisers received great compliments of how well maintained the Lake and Foreshore were to sit back and watch the skiing.

Skiers who competed over the weekend travelled from Sydney, Canberra, Mulwala, Wagga, Albury, Myuna, Berrigan, Deniliquin.

The event was held in windy conditions on the Saturday when the tournament coordinators cancelled the ski jump due to unsafe conditions. On the Sunday the Ski Jump went ahead first up while the wind conditions suited the skiers, then as the day went on the weather was perfect to finish of the slalom rounds.

Local Radio Station 91.1 broadcast live from the foreshore. Barry Mayne and his team must be congratulated for the time they contributed to promoting the event.

Cr Narelle Payne, Bob and Pam Beazley, Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke and Peter Royle at the presentation to Bob and Pam at Lake Talbot at the weekend.

Results from the weekend:
Mini Course: 3rd Chelsie Heir, 2nd Kiley Hayes, 1st Emily Heir
12 Skiers: 3rd Bridget Maloney, 2nd Georga Pigdon, 1st Samantha Maloney
46-52: 3rd Gordon Irving, 2nd Harrison Lawes, 1st Nathan Heir
15-30 Division: 3rd Jennifer Soldo, 2nd Isabella Shaw, 1st Lara Butlin
500-1000: 3rd Harrison Lawes, 2nd Ada Richards, 1st Laura Hayes
1000-2000: 3rd Cameron Shaw, 2nd Lachie Butlin, 1st Jaycee Ashcroft
2000-3000: 3rd Isabel Shaw, 2nd Erica Hayes, 1stLara Butlin
3000 Point Division: 3rd Jennifer Soldo, 2nd Callum Ashcroft, 1st Ethan Mckinnon
13Mtrs: 3rd Parvo Soldo, 2nd Jamie Gray, 1st Mitch Barber
Trick Division: 3rd Wilbur Maloney, 2nd Jennifer Ackerly, 1st Benjamin Ackerly
Jump 0-10: 3rd Benjamin Ackerly, 2nd Erica Hayes, 1st Jaycee Ashcroft
Jump 10-20: 3rd Mitchell Lawes, 2nd Lara Butlin, 1st Iggy Lyons
35 Division: 3rd Paul Maloney, 2nd Lachie Butlin, 1st Ryan Clark
35-45: 1st Callum Ashcroft
Zone 5 Division Most Improved: Jaycee Ashcroft

The weekend was a huge success for the club and organisers would like to acknowledge the following individuals and businesses: Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke, Mayor Neville Kchencka, Councillor Narelle Payne, Steve and Matt Hunt Narrandera Signs, Mahers Tarps, Antech Printing, Custom Music, Narrandera Bakery, Rusty Lake-Connolly, Process Printers , Malibu Albury, Tournament Coordinators Matt and Naomi Shaw, John Prior, Narrandera Shire Council staff, Lee Longford, Jeff Kirk, Cheryl Peaches Espresso Coffee Van.

Once again the Club would like to thank the people who supported their raffle with the money raised to go to future improvements at the Lake.

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