Water safety in focus for NHS students

And underwater view of Narrandera High School students practicing “towing” their classmates, a way of bringing people back to safety. These students are working to attain the Bronze Medallion.

Year Nine and Ten students from Narrandera High School had a full day of learning about water safety on Tuesday.

“Marine Science students did a boat safety course today, learning about regulations, what’s required, safety wise in a boat, how they get their license,” said Science teacher Shaun Brooker. “Maritime Safety NSW brought their boat across from Wagga and took the kids through the boat. They gave them information about safety on the water and how they can use a boat safely.”

According to Mr Brooker, the Maritime Safety crew were extremely impressed with the Narrandera High students.

“They normally only work with primary schools, and they were saying they couldn’t get over how good the kids were. They were really engaged, they were asking questions – they want to do a bit more with the students now.”

As well as learning about boat safety, the Marine Sciences and Sports Studies students also used the day to qualify for their Bronze Medallion.

Having both of these experiences and qualifications will be a huge advantage to students as they start contemplating life after school.

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