Tree removals under way

An at-risk tree which was removed on Cadell Street.

A series of tree removals approved by the Narrandera Shire Councils are in progress throughout the town.

Several trees around Narrandera have been removed or are slated for removal after a tree audit conducted in May by Victorian consultancy company Tree Logic.

Two trees were removed between Tuesday and Wednesday, one on Audley Street and one on Cadell Street.

The trees are being removed in stages, allowing for budget and time constraints. The second round of removals is currently underway, involving 18 high-risk trees.

Of the 18 trees that are to be removed or have already been removed, 11 of them are varieties of White Cedar.

All of the trees to be removed bar one are classified as ‘over-mature’, and all are classified as being in a poor or very poor state of health. They are reported to be suffering from serious complications such as trunk decay, limb failure, decline, borer or leader death.

“Some time ago we had an audit on the trees in Narrandera,” said Narrandera Shire Council’s General Manager George Cowan.

“It was adopted by council, and so we’re following the recommendations in that report. And that involves removing some trees that are beyond repair.”

Tree Logic originally recommended around 260 trees for removal, mostly due to high risk – meaning they posed a serious danger to people.

“While we are removing trees – and it is unfortunate – there are circumstances that require that, and we are replacing them with suitable species as we go,” Mr Cowan said.

He acknowledged that there was always going to be a period of time before a new tree could replace the shade offered by the old.

“Unfortunately you can’t plant a mature tree. You can plant advanced seedlings, and we try to do that – some of those trees are two metres high, some are three metres high.

“We don’t plant tiny little ones and we don’t plant trees in the middle of summer. I challenge anyone to survive out in the sun in those circumstances. The planting normally happens late winter
to early spring.”

Mr Cowan pointed out that Council had been planting new trees where they could, including at the Narrandera Sportsground and at the Red Hill Industrial Estate. This tree planting was also part of the tree audit; Tree Logic identified 353 opportunities to plant trees.

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