Town rocks to festival beat

Dance troupe Johnny’s Rocker’s in the Rockin’ on East street parade. Photos courtesy of The Finer Photographer – 0406 533 569.

The Rockin’ on East festival captivated Narrandera over the long weekend, and according to committee president Allan Law, it was the best one yet.

“As far as I’m concerned the festival was a success,” Mr Law said.

“The numbers were up this year, I would class it as a very successful festival.”

As the festival is only in its third year, there is still plenty to build on and grow and Mr Law is hoping to use the feedback from festival goers to improve.

“On the Sunday night the dance club gave us a few ideas and said they’d put the word out. Next year we’re looking pretty good for more dance clubs to come along.

“I haven’t had a negative comment yet. Not even constructive criticism.”

While some within the town have said that multiple events on one weekend can split a crowd, Mr Law believes differently.

“It’s working for everybody. It’s bringing people into the town. It’s definitely a positive for the towns.

“There were people from the dog trials who came to our rock and roll dances. People who went out to Barellan came back here and went to the bands at night.

“A few people had walked up and said they’d never been to Narrandera, so if we’re bringing people into the town who’ve never been before then that’s fantastic.”

Mr Law has noted what the stand-out events were.

“The park event was a hit on Sunday. It’s just that little bit more relaxed.”

Early feedback from committee members and stallholders suggests that many travellers driving through on the highway stopped at the park to have a look at the event and were unaware that it was on.

“The dance floor was a hit. The dance clubs loved having the stage in the street.”

Plans are already being made to grow the festival further and Mr Law believes that the car show is a facet of the festival that could see strong growth.

“Hopefully someone can come on board who is interested in the car side of things who’s willing to take it on.

“The pin-up competition can grow.”

Catalina Colie, who was the MC of the pin-up competition, pointed out last week that when pin-up competitions become established, contestants will happily come in from all over to compete.

“It’s world-wide. In every culture there’s pin-up girls, it’s not just confined to one culture. Girls will travel for it. Girls come interstate for pin-up competitions,” Ms Colie said in an earlier interview.

While the Rockin’ on East committee is planning to put its collective feet up for a little while, the AGM will be held sometime next month.

“If there’s ideas or if anyone wants to take on something – we’ve got a good committee, but there’s always room for more helpers.

“It’s no good everyone trying to do everything. We’re better off giving people a section each to work on. Our AGM is a golden opportunity to come along and take on a role, or to just have a talk about the festival,” he said.

Mr Law said the Rockin’ on East committee had done an amazing job getting the festival up and running.

“Tony Andracchio did a fantastic job with the street parade. Got to give Bobbie Hill a plug for the stallholders. Fran Macdonald needs a big pat on the back. She designed all of the posters and flyers and the program. She’s a legend.

“All the committee deserve to be congratulated. Everything ran smoothly, because everyone knew what they were doing,” Mr Law said.

Mr Law also said he also wanted to thank the many sponsors of the festival.

“The number of major sponsors has been pretty amazing.”

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