Town braves heat for major draw

Narrandera Business Group President Ann Black presents the Christmas draw first prize to winner Bob Beazley.

The Narrandera Business Group’s Christmas Draw was a success on Saturday.

Shoppers braved temperatures of 37 degrees to come out in support of local businesses, and also for the chance to win over $6000 in prizes. The crowds lined East Street for a chance to take part in the draw.

“Considering it was hot, there were a lot of people shopping,” said Anne Black, a member of the Narrandera Business Group. “We had a lot of people take part in the draw and a lot of people on the day were keen to have tickets for the stocking,” Mrs Black said.

According to Tony Andracchio, who is also part of the Business Group, there were roughly 300 people present for the draw.

“The crowd was much the same as other years, but I think the hot weather had something to do with that.

“As far as the business group went, I think it was very successful.”

There were three main prizes to be won from the draw. First place was accommodation for two at Surfer’s Paradise as well as $1200 in vouchers for local businesses, second was $1000 in vouchers and third was $700 in vouchers to be spent at participating Narrandera businesses.

The draw itself drew a big crowd of people, particularly as the winners of the main three prizes had to be present in order to claim their winnings. Winners could nominate a proxy to pick up their prizes for them, although not every entrant elected to do so.

The day became a little interesting as the three main draws had to be redrawn several times, as some people were not present. While some of the absent winners were locals, there were plenty of out-of-towners drawn from the barrel.

“It was a shame there were so many drawn out who were not there.

“But we had a lot of people from Griffith, The Rock, Ganmain. That’s good; it means we’re drawing in people from Griffith and Ganmain to shop here,” Ms Black said.

Bob Beazley was the winner of the main draw first prize. Second prize went to Richard Ashton, which was collected by Llewellyn Tuckett, who had been nominated as a proxy, while third place went to Peter Emery, whose prize was also collected by a proxy.

Bev Absolom was the winner of the Christmas stocking, which was made up of donations of goods from many of the local businesses in town.

In addition to the major prizes on the day, there were a bundle of minor prizes, which were mostly made up of vouchers for various businesses in the town.

In the lead up to Saturday, the Narrandera Business Group had been running a weekly $100 gift voucher draw for the last seven weeks. Happily, a lot of the winners of these draws were from out of town, which would indicate that Narrandera is regularly pulling in business from the bigger centres like Griffith.

The day wasn’t completely devoted to shopping. The Narrandera Rotary club were also on the street selling tickets for a ham wheel. Sameera Bashir was entertaining the crowd with the help of Michelle Kilgower, and Santa Claus was on hand to help raise money for Can Assist.

All in all the Business Group are happy with how the day panned out, although there is always room for improvement.

“Maybe we’ll think about putting it on a different time, it was very hot – we always seem to strike really hot weather whenever we do it,” said Ms Black.

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