Timely reminder of security role

The seemingly never-ending news about break and enters in Narrandera has left the community on the edge. Tensions have been running high and while things are difficult, it is important that the community acts with rationality and common sense.

Narrandera Security Services co-owner and operator Gordon Bobbin said that he and his wife Violet have faced criticism lately over the spate of recent break ins.

“People have gotten the impression that we are paid by the council to look after the whole town,” Mr Bobbin said.

Mr Bobbin emphasised that, even if it were logistically possible, it is simply not the case.

“Our role is to supply a service to individual clients. I’m spending 11, sometimes 12 hours a night on the streets as it is. We do supply a free service to pensioners and war veterans – we’ve done that for years. But our main priority is to provide a service to our clients.”

While one of the Bobbins’ clients is the Narrandera Shire Council – which has possibly led to the misunderstanding that Narrandera Security Services provide a service to the whole town – they are only required to provide security to council property.

“That’s our role – our role is also to prevent crime and support police. If I see something happening I take a physical description of them, name them if I can, and pass the information along to the police,” Mr Bobbin said.

While there is a lot that the Security Service can and does do, their legal powers don’t extend much beyond that of the average citizen. A citizen can detain someone, for instance, but only if they use minimal force, and minimal force is a difficult thing to maintain when tensions and adrenaline are running high.

Despite the struggles that Narrandera is facing, Mr Bobbin is determined to weather the storm.

“I’m not leaving in a hurry. I don’t give up, and neither should anyone else,” Mr Bobbin said. “We’re willing to supply our service to anyone who wants to employ us.”

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