Teams travel for Milthorpe Shield

The St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School boys’ team for the Milthorpe Shield, which was played in Leeton. The team played in Narrandera Lizards guernseys. RIGHT: Five girls, some of them in the Junior Lizards side, also played in a small schools composite team.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School participated in the Millthorpe Shield at Leeton last week.

“There were girls teams and boys teams. The girls did tag and the boys did tackle,” said St Joseph’s player Ellie Hall. “I think Rhi got the only try. We played with Whitton and the small schools.”

While there were enough boys for a complete team, five St Joseph’s girls played in a composite side with other small schools.

“We won one game out of three,” said St Joseph’s player Rhiannon Dowdy. “We played against Leeton Public and St Joseph’s Leeton.”

“There were two teams in St Joseph’s,” Ellie said.

“And there were three teams in Leeton public. We all get together at the start and then we go and play,” Rhiannon added.

The boys’ team wore the guernseys of the Narrandera Lizards to compete, while Leeton Rugby League loaned their shirts to the girls’ team for the day.

“We were wearing Lizards shorts because that’s what we had,” said Rhiannon. “I’m with the Narrandera Lizards, I play on the weekends.”

It wasn’t a drama free day, as Ellie injured her knee playing rugby tag.

“She was only 53 centimetres away from a try,” Rhiannon said.

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