TC Lee Cup belated success

The TC Lee Memorial Cup was finally held last weekend, to great success.

“They went spectacularly,” said racing manager Michael Bailey. “It was probably the biggest day we’ve ever had.”

A higher than expected turn-out of both trainers and spectators was capped off by picture-perfect warm weather.

“We couldn’t have scripted it any better. The track was perfect, and we made a track record on the day. We got a lot of praise from trainers about the track. We ended up with 190 nominated and 120 accepted. So we split one race to make nine, and we had about 100 racers.

“We ended up with $180,000 in prize money, $20,000 a race. That’s the most prize money the club’s ever had. The TAB turnover, we haven’t got those figures yet, but I know it’s a lot.”

Local support for the race meeting was also very strong, with Mr Bailey saying he was “very pleased with the size of the crowd.”

The real highlight of the day, however, was the opportunity to see the TC Lee Memorial Cup finally race.  Washed out by bad weather for the last two years, the race was run for the first time on Sunday.

“There was a big contingent of the Lee family there to watch the race.”

Tom Lee was “a legend” in the Narrandera Race Club, according to Mr Bailey.

“He was on the committee for 50 years. Anybody who’s anybody in Narrandera knows Tom Lee. He wasn’t just involved in the Race CLub either. He was in the Narrandera Lizards, in Legacy.”

With the last race meeting before the Narrandera Cup out of the way, the Narrandera Race Club are now turning their full attention to the Cup on August 19.

“It’s all seasons go,” Mr Bailey said.

Debbie Smith, who began the Face of Racing competition, said that the Fashions on the Field would be the ones to watch.

“Because there’s quite a good prize pool, we often see the same people competing all around the state.”

Racegoers are reminded that if they wish to book a marquee for the Leeton Toyota Narrandera Cup they need to contact Narrandera Race Club secretary Lee Sweeney.

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