Swim stars shine

Terry Lawrence looks on as Helen McDermott welcomes Tamra Beaumont into the ranks as a Life Member of Narrandera Swimming Club.

Phillip and Tamra Beaumont were awarded life membership of the Narrandera Swimming Club at the presentation night on March 17.

Held at the Narrandera Golf Club, the event was a great success with the majority of the club in attendance, despite a few missing out due to COVID-19 concerns.

Narrandera Swimming Club chairman Simon Lee noted everyone had a great night celebrating the season and the awards achieved.

Between Tamra and Phillip Beaumont they have 20 years of combined experience contributing to the Narrandera Swim Club. Mrs Beaumont was shocked and felt honoured to receive the lifetime membership award. The couple has been involved with the club ever since the eldest of their six children started the Learn to Swim program. Since then, all of the children have been involved with the program, squad and volunteering within the club.

Other awards given included the 2019/2020 swimmer of the year awarded to Natalie McDonald.

The coach’s encouragement award went to Jaspar Beaumont, Jake Demamiel, Jessica Wright and Mackenzie Lee.

The coach’s award was given to Noah Tait, Claire McDonald, Zoe Winnell, Zayley Brewer, Jade Lee Lyons and Harrison Rowe.

The Club person of the year was awarded to Cassie Jess.

The president’s award went to Jenny Ingram, Sheree Ingram and Emily Demaniel.

Learn to Swim awards were received by Lewis Irons, Mallee Wilson, Cheyenne Osmond, Olivia Thiem, Eddie Partridge, Cheyenne Minnick, Sophie Foster, Chase Makeham, Mitchell Foster, Bryce Hethrington, Jamin Makeham, Sasha Quinn, Lachlan Hunt and Isabelle Craig.

At the presentation evening it was announced that Terry Lawrence would be retiring from his role as swimming coach for the Narrandera Swimming Club.

Terry, also a life member, has been involved off and on for 26 years and has significantly impacted club during this time. The committee would like to sincerely thank him for all that he has done and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

The 2019/2020 season was well supported with many young swimmers completing the Learn to Swim program. The club would like to improve next year by gaining more competitive swimmers and increasing carnival attendance.

The Narrandera Swim Club welcomes new families to help teach kids a vital skill, as well as becoming a part of a supportive community.

The 2020/2021 season is likely to start in November, depending on the completion of the pool’s new upgrades.

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