Street Machine fame for Myers

Photo courtesy of Chris Thorogood of Street Machine magazine.

Narrandera burnout legend Gary Myers’ AGROXA Falcon coupe is featured on the front page of Street Machine magazine’s August edition.

The 1000hp, 9000rpm machine would be the envy of many car enthusiasts and makes a fitting front page for the prestigious magazine.

Gary built his legend in his iconic GM176 1966 Mustang Coupe (now known as S1CKO and campaigned by son Jake) and scored seven wins at the Summernats burnout competition, helping to move the scene towards its current status as a professional sport.

Gary and his wife Deby also run Gazzanats shows and have been responsible for plenty of other builds, all wearing the iconic Blue Oval.

These include the twin-supercharged, Hemi-powered, chopped top Silver Bullet Mustang; 2INSANE a 2005 GT Mus-tang land-speed record car and XACUTER, a two-tone XA GT coupe burnout car which originally featured a naturally aspirated engine when debuted in 2007.

The genuine two-door GT Falcon got a refresh in 2014 for MotorEx with a flash orange over white vinyl wrap and a rebranding to the name AGROXA.

After MotorEx, the car returned home to Narrandera and sat in the Myers’ shed for two years as it was a long process buying parts for the engine and doings lots of fabrication. The fuel system was changed from carburettor-spec to suit the mechanical injection.

It was a painstaking build process, said Gary.

The heart of the reborn Falcon is its engine, based off a Dart Windsor block that spans a 9.5 inch deck height and 4.125 inch bore.

During the Powerskids in Cairns recently the engine reached 10,000rpm a few times.

Gary sees the ability to datalog every aspect of the motor as a form of insurance. He recalled that his first motor cost $4500 and the second $5,500 but when you hurt one it can cost $10,000 just to fix an engine.

After a madcap dash from Narrandera to Perth over the 2017 Easter weekend the engine was tuned and made 923hp “at the bags”, which Gary said was a complete handful on the pad and in powerskids.

Unfortunately not everything went to plan on the build and his original genuine XA GT bonnet was severely damaged while the car was on its way to Melbourne to be wrapped.

“I had put in about 100 hours into getting it right but a strap broke on the trailer when we were taking it to Melbourne,” Gary told Street Machine.

Back in 2008 the coupe wore a contemporary two-tone violet and silver HOK scheme, but this was replaced with matte silver, although the engine bay was painted black.

No surprise that the interior looks just as flash with front seats and custom rears in black leather.

Gary will be taking his pride and joy to a number of events this year, starting with the Gazzanats in Darwin on August 19 but aiming for a spot on the pad at Summernats 31. He is hoping to pick up a Masters entry at the Summernats but would be happy to get a ‘wildcard’.

“It would be great for Jake and I to get tickets to the Masters – it would be amazing skidding against my son on the Summernats pad.”

Narrandera also gained another mention in the Street Machine August edition in a story about the Street Rod Nationals hosted for the first time this year by Bendigo. The event had a record 1350 cars.

The first Nationals were held in Narrandera in 1973 as the Australian Hot Rod Federation, which later split into ANDRA for the drag enthusiasts and Australian Street Rod Federation for the hot rodders.

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