Ski tournament hits the lake

A competitor at a previous Malibu Ski Tournament, participating in the slalom event. The tournament will be on this weekend, and the organisers would love to see more locals come on board.

The Malibu Water Ski Tournament will be on this weekend, and tournament director Matthew Shaw would like to see more locals get involved.

“Quite a lot of locals pop by and have a look, but not many participate,” said Mr Shaw, who organises the tournament with his wife Naomi.

“The whole reason why this tournament is in Narrandera is because we had a few local families who were really involved, but a lot of them have either moved on or given up the sport.

“If any locals are interested in trying it out, come down and see us. We’re more than happy to get some fresh blood back into the local community,” Mr Shaw said.

The tournament is divided in to three disciplines: slalom, jump and trick.

“Jump is pretty self explanatory. With tricks, it’s about how many tricks you can pull off in a certain time. We use two Malibu boats. Everyone gets the same boat; controlled conditions, you could say.

“Slalom is a bit different. It’s a course, and there’re buoys you have to go around. You raise the boat to a certain speed, depending on age range, and then they start shortening the rope to make it harder until you miss a buoy. Once you get one thing wrong, you’re finished.”

Participants will be competing for both State and National titles in each division. The event will bring in contestants from all over the state.

“We’ve got people coming down from Sydney. People often drive seven or eight hours for the tournament.”

According to Mr Shaw, there are roughly 50 participants this year, ranging from “kids from the age of six through to adults of 60”.

The tournament will run from 7.30am in the morning on Saturday to 7.30pm in the evening, although Mr Shaw says the organisers hope to have everything finished by 3pm on Sunday.

Lake Talbot will be closed from Friday afternoon to other boats in order to set up the event, and will be closed for boating for the duration of the event.

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