Signs to get makeover

Narrandera Shire Council General Manager George Cowan pictured at the entry sign at the Gillenbah Gateway.

Plans are afoot to develop a family of “Welcome to Narrandera” entry signs to create a vibrant, positive first impression for visitors to the shire.

Narrandera Shire Council resolved last week that councillors will devise concepts for the wording, design and location of 10 entry signs in time for the Council Briefing Session held prior to the November Ordinary meeting.

These concepts will be developed by graphic design experts, with General Manager George Cowan anticipating a decision on a family of signs to be made early next year.

Councillors highlighted the importance of entry signs at their October Ordinary Meeting last week.

Cr Tracey Lewis said that good signage can add 75 per cent to your business, so it’s important to put effort into it. Cr Narelle Payne said Narrandera could seek inspiration from the creative “Art Deco” signage in Leeton.

Council General Manager George Cowan told the Narrandera Argus on Thursday that the signs were “an opportunity for the town to sell itself and create a first impression for travellers”.

Mr Cowan said existing entry signs, which highlight Narrandera as a “town of trees”, won’t necessarily be replaced. “It will depend on the concepts the councillors come up with,” he said.

Council debated the merits of asking the community to come up design  for town signs at the ordinary meeting, and was split on this issue.

Deputy Mayor David Fahey argued that plans for new signage had already dragged on for two years and that a lengthy community consultation would create further delays.

In December 2016, Council adopted the resolution to develop new noncorporate Narrandera branding for the promotion of the town.

This branding is now used on banners in East Street and at the Gillenbah Gateway.

The Council is now aiming for a consistently branded “sign family”, which is to be applied as signs are replaced over the long term.

Council has committed $17,343 for the design and construction of the signs and $7,600 for the installation of 10 Shire entry signs. A total of $15,057 remains in the entry sign budget.

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