Sewell family re-unite

The Sewell cousins reunited. Family members flocked to Narrandera from across Australia to hold their reunion at the Narrandera Racing Club; The reunion brought in family members from the Northern Territory, South Australia, across NSW, Queensland, and of course, Narrandera.

Back home after years apart

The grandchildren of Thomas and Olive Sewell got together for a reunion at Narrandera on October 6. The day started with a morning tea of the Scilley cousins at Camjai cafe.

There was much excitement and chatter as people became re-acquainted after many years apart. Cousins came from the Nothern Territory, South Australia, Queensland and from many areas around NSW.

A tour of the old haunts, such as the Marie Bashir Park, the grandstand and the Public School classrooms that were once the high school was in order for the morning.

Checking homes lived in by parents and grandparents left some a little sad, but had to be done in case they wouldn’t return to Narrandera.

The Scilley/Sewell cousins then proceeded to the Narrandera Race Club function centre for lunch. Tracie Warren from Narrandera cafe Camjai provided a delicious buffetstyle lunch, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Lee Sweeney from the Race Club committee was extremely helpful by setting up tables and chairs, opening the bar and generally being a pillar of support.

After the meal people moved around tables catching up. Many old friendships were rekindled and there were also many new friendships made.

The event photographer was Lucy Sewell (married to Norm Sewell) and the family now has a very large collection of photos from the day to look back on. The weather was perfect, allowing photos to be taken outdoors.

The fourth generation of grandchildren loved running around, playing handball and even had a race on the track.

A few of the young ones met at Charlies on East Restaurant for dinner and this made a great final activity for the day. The older ones were quite happy to go home for an early night!

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