Scott set for state titles

Scott Blundell will be heading to Port Macquarie for the MX State titles.

Motocross rider Scott Blundell will be making his way to the State titles this long weekend.

Scott, 14, qualified for State in two categories after coming second in the 125cc and third in the 250cc at Young. The family are heading up to Port Macquarie for the event.

“It was going to be held in Coonabarabran, but they didn’t have enough water, it was too dry. They water the track, because it gets too dusty otherwise. Especially when you’ve got 40 kids
riding around,” Scott’s father Andrew Blundell explained. “It’s supposed to rain, but that’s our luck.”

While the rain will not stop the competition from going ahead, according to Scott it does affect the track.

“It can do. It depends on what sort of soil it is, but it’s pretty loamy up there,” Scott explained.

Scott will compete in the 13 to 15 125cc and the 13 to 15 250cc. The 250cc is a more recent development for Scott, as he has only been riding in that category for a short while.

“The 125cc will race Saturday, and the 250cc will race Sunday and Monday with the seniors,” Mr Blundell said.

It hasn’t been an uneventful run for Scott between the qualifiers in Young and the State titles this weekend.

“We took Scott to the Nationals and he crashed, and put a handlebar into his stomach,” Blundell said. “So he had four weeks off. It turned out he was all right, but they were worried that he  ruptured a blood vessel in one of his intestines.

“He had to stay under surveillance, just in case part of his intestines started to die. Scott had four nights in Westmead Children’s Hospital. But he’s got the all clear and he’s ready to go.”

It’s not Scott’s first brush with injury, either. Last year he snapped his right humerus in half at the Victoria state titles, and while competing in Appin he crashed a bike and was rushed to hospital with a suspected ruptured intestine. It hasn’t stopped his determination.

“If I get a podium, I make the State squad. And then I’m not sure,” Scott said.

“The Australian titles are in Tasmania,” his father elaborated. “But he’s hoping for a good result. He’s hoping for a podium. He’s been training hard.”

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