Science award for Ivy

Narrandera High School Student Ivy Longmire, who was the recipient of the Victor Chang School Science Award, with NHS staff member Kyle Bryant.

Narrandera High School student Ivy Longmire will join over 200 students from all around the Riverina and NSW on a trip to Sydney, after winning the Victor Chang School Science Award.

“Narrandera High School chooses a student out of Year 11 to go to Sydney to watch a heart surgery, which is amazing,” Ms Longmire said.

“We get to go to Sydney and talk to all the scientists and doctors there at the Victor Chang Institute.

“We get to watch in on the surgery and it’s going to be so good.

“I’d like to thank Mrs Herman, Mr Brooker and Narrandera High School for giving me this opportunity.”

Now in its 13th year, the award aims to encourage students to consider careers in medical research. The number of students enrolling science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields are at their lowest in two decades.

Ms Longmire, along with other winners from schools in the Riverina, was presented her award at a ceremony in Junee earlier this month.

“It was the local area – Griffith, Leeton, Barellan, Lockhart – we all went to Junee to get our certificates.”

The trip will be held later in the year.

The award winners are selected by their teachers, although winning students have to excel in at least one science subject. Ms Longmire topped Biology for Year 11.

Due to NHS running compressed curriculums in years 11 and 12, Ms Longmire has already completed her Biology HSC.

“So I did preliminary, as well as HSC course that year.”

Typically, NHS students complete three HSC subjects in Year 11 and three in Year 12. This approach also allows NHS to offer a broader curriculum for their students, despite being a relatively
small high school.

“I’m actually interested in being a nurse or paramedic; it’s something I’d like to do. That was on the criteria to get the award, to be interested in one of the medical professions of some sort,” Ms Longmire said.

“Canberra or Melbourne, they’re the unis that are on my mind at the moment.”

Ms Longmire is currently considering pursuing a degree that would allow her to study for both professions at the same time.

While Ms Longmire isn’t sure of the exact itinerary of her trip to Sydney, she is sure of what she’d like to do when she gets there.

“Have a look around Sydney. Shopping would be great.”

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