Rod Run on track for 2019

Steven Alldrick visited Narrandera last week to make further preparations for the Earlies Rod Run.

Organisation for next year’s Earlies Rod Run is already well and truly underway. Steven Alldrick, who has taken on the duties of organising the Rod Run from his father Ray Alldrick, was in Narrandera last week, and gave an update on the progress of next year’s event.

“We’ve just had a really good meeting with the Police about Easter Saturday night,” Mr Alldrick said.

Saturday night of the Easter long weekend is the Cruisin’ no Boozin’. Traditionally, the Rod Run Entrants use it as an opportunity to show off their cars in action, and locals have enjoyed the spectacle.

However, last year Mr Alldrick tried to change the focus of the Cruisin’ to make it a more family friendly event.

“We’d like to tidy it up and make Saturday really friendly, just to curb a bit of that underage drinking and anti-social behaviour. We still want everyone to have a good time,” Mr Alldrick explained.

“We also want to leave the top of the street for local people to park in and watch the event go by, and we’ll keep the bottom of the street for our entrants to have the space to park in, instead of being outside the street.”

Another idea for Saturday night is the possibility of bringing bands into the street.

“Part of the sponsorship we’re suggesting for businesses to do is sponsoring bands playing on the main street. We’ve had it in the past. If we can have that sort of thing in the street and not push the cost onto the entrants more, that’d be great,” Mr Alldrick said.

Food is another item Mr Alldrick is trying to source. Given the length of the Saturday night cruising, and the number of people who attend the event, Mr Alldrick believes that more food options will keep the attendees happy.

“We’d like it if either the shops could be open on Saturday night or for community groups to do food outlets in the street for Saturday night. With the amount of people in the street on Saturday night, you want to have food out there; you don’t want them to be lining up for two hours waiting for food,” he said.

Mr Alldrick also requested “a little more police presence” in the street on Saturday night. “The police don’t have any issues with us, so that’s fine,” he said.

Mr Alldrick has also been working closely with both the Narrandera Shire Council and the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to place permanent signs around the Narrandera Shire to advertise the Rod Run.

“We’ve nearly finished the design. It’s all laid out; we’re just tweaking different things. We’re just trying to advertise parts of the run, without over advertising it and flogging it to death,” he explained.

“That sign will be a permanent fixture for truck drivers, and anyone travelling through; grey nomads, that sort of thing.”

The Sunday Show and Shine has also been a focus for Mr Alldrick to work out with Council, as there are a number of issues to hammer out – even the simple logistics of working around the new cricket fence, which is currently being installed at Marie Bashir Park.

“We’re just trying to get a few more entertainment elements to the oval, and just making it a little bit bigger and better. The Auto Club is helping with the Show and Shine, and directing people and marshalling.”

The Vintage Collectors Club will continue doing the swap meet, so that will be good,” Mr Alldrick said.

The Rod Run is still looking for different ways for local businesses to get involved with sponsorship, and Mr Alldrick is adamant that the Rodders aren’t necessarily looking for money.

“We’re just seeking support for different elements of the weekend,” he said.

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  1. just a few thoughts.i have been coming to the event for years on the Sunday never been to the cruise as i drive a 1964 Ford Galaxie 4 door sedan which has twin flame throwers fitted to it on petrol not gas so would really love to do the cruise. when you say bands in the street i hope you mean Rock n Roll bands not Marching ones which would be a turn off but RnR NO PROBLEM .The Sunday band is a bit poor and QUITE.And more food vendors is the go for the cruise night same could carry over into sunday .sounds like your on the right track mate.

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