Red Hill ‘Front and Centre’

A still from the promotional video for the 'Front and Centre' Red Hill Industrial Estate promotion.

The Narrandera Shire Council, in conjunction with the NSW State Government, has launched a campaign to promote the Red Hill Industrial Estate as an appealing location for businesses.

The campaign involves a co-ordination of a variety of media, including three different information brochures and four videos. The booklets both promote Red Hill and Narrandera as an ideal place to move a business, alongside a lifestyle flyer to entice families to consider Narrandera as a place to live.

Both the flyers and the short films interview owners and managers from three major businesses on the Red Hill Industrial Estate; Bio-Ag, Hutchins Engineering and Paterson’s Transport.

Narrandera Shire Mayor Neville Kschenka opened the launch, held at the Narrandera TAFE, with a short speech addressing progress to be made to Red Hill.

“Council has a developed a sign indicating land for sale and there will be individual signs as well. We have developed plans for flagpoles and street lighting will be installed in the area. A truck  wash will be built in the area, supported by the NSW Government.

“There’s a definitive nexus between the development that you promote here and the development of the community. With  assistance from the NSW Government we’ve been able to produce four promotional videos for potential investors, to demonstrate the potential and opportunities of Narrandera through existing business proprietors.”

Council’s Economic Development Manager Peter Dale said that the hard yards put in to get the promotion up and running had been carried out by Economic Development Officer Julie Briggs.

“We’ve had a very good enquiry already from a quite significant business to relocate here and we hope that this promotion will be all about getting good businesses to relocate here,” Mr Dale said.

All of the businesses interviewed for the promotional videos are establishments that moved to Narrandera from elsewhere.

“Bio-Ag relocated in 2002,” Bio-Ag director Anton Barton said in the promotional material. “We looked at Wagga, Parkes and Griffith, but we decided on Narrandera. There’s only one place in the
world that’s on the junction of the Newell and Sturt Highways, and that’s here. There’s a complete absence of residential neighbours, which was an attraction. We’ve never had a complaint for noise or odour.”

Heidi Hutchins, the director of Hutchins Bros Engineering, echoed a similar sentiment in her interview.

“We’re blessed with our space. We can fabricate and store products for our clients on tight sites, where deliveries are required on an as-needs basis, a luxury that many of our competitors cannot
afford,” Ms Hutchins said. “Also, we’re a very noisy industry. We’re fabricating; it’s noisy from 6am, even on a Saturday morning. We’ve never had a noise complaint.”

Bill Grills, the Manager of Paterson’s Transport, added that it was not only Narrandera’s proximity to the major highways that was an appeal, but the bonus that the extra space in the area afforded.

“It’s not just the connection to the highways. We can operate nine trucks safely, without congestion. “Narrandera business in general is pushing the idea that Narrandera has everything on its doorstep,” Mr Grills said.

The Front and Centre project provided funding through the NSW State Government’s Marketing and Promotions Stream of its Regional Growth Fund in partnership with Council. Cr Kschenka said the funding not only enabled the production of an informative glossy Industry Prospectus but also an additional A4 brochure with testimonials from existing business operators on the Red  Hill Estate.

He added that these are supported by an A4 Lifestyle Flyer that details Narrandera’s many attractions and facilities.

“Grouped together, these brochures and flyer provide a complete resource for Council’s Economic Development Unit to support the marketing plan for industrial land in the Red Hill Estate,” Cr Kschenka said.

“The collateral now available promoting the estate has come about through the generous cooperation of existing businesses in the estate and we hope that as a result of ongoing promotion, they will be joined in the near future by other progressive business operators who identify opportunities available to them on available land in the Estate,” the Mayor said.

A large new sign indicating current land for sale has been installed at the Estate as well as individual ‘For Sale ‘signs.

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