Power punches

Nikita Bamblett and personal trainer Rachael Hyde are providing virtual exercise programs for local residents during self-isolation. Photo: Rustty Lake-Connolly.

Bidgee Boxing has tackled the COVID-19 self-isolation period with gusto, initiating video training schedules to keep fitness programs on track.

Personal trainer Rachael Hyde said flyers were provided for those attending low impact classes with a range of exercises they can do at home.

The gym is also broadcasting Boxercise via the digital platform, Zoom, in the evenings using two instructors practicing social distancing while taking viewers through the routines.

The routines may use dumb bells and chairs but participants have had to use whatever comes to hand. Mrs Hyde advises using a partner for the boxing exercises otherwise shadow boxing with hand weights, tins of soup or 600ml bottles of water, using wall clocks for a round timer.

“Get some friends together through such apps as Zoom or House Party to do the exercises at the same time,” she said. “Let’s support and encourage each other to get and keep moving.”

Mrs Hyde said a few early technical hitches with the virtual Boxercise were overcome and it was a learning exercise for both personal trainers and participants.

“We hold signs up for those who can’t quite see the program – it’s going really well.

“Nikita Bamblett and I film the sessions, ensuring we are 1.5m apart.

“I run a low impact class on Wednesdays and Fridays, and provided written exercise workouts for them, giving them options of using water bottles, tins of soup, a broomstick, plank of wood and a couple of bricks.”

The Boxercise is held Monday and Wednesday at 6pm, with anyone able to join via the Zoom app for free. The link is on the Bidgee Boxing Facebook page.

“This has taken the gym into a whole new dimension but it is nowhere near as good as a face-to-face class,” Mrs Hyde said. “I run every day and I don’t think I have seen so many people out exercising at the Common or on the channel bank ever. It’s so lovely to see all these families out there spending time together.

“Tracey Lewis has kept the children’s exercise classes going via social media.”

A virtual run walk event, the Rona Run 2020, has been planned for May 17 with Bidgee Boxing members encouraged to enter.

“Myself and a few others were due to run an ultra-marathon at Katoomba but that is now on hold,” Mrs Hyde said. “We will run our own half marathon on May 17 so people can map out their walk/run over any distance and share their results online.”

Mrs Hyde will provide written exercise programs for the mothers and babies classes this week.

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