No longer safe in homes

A Narrandera aged pensioner sat terrified in her lounge room as two intruders broke into her home in Larmer Street early on Friday night.

The woman, whose husband arrived home shortly afterwards, was watching television  when the would-be thieves broke in the side door on the deck leading into the lounge room. They were about five yards away from her and one of them was a male about five feet 10 inches to six feet tall.

Neither the woman nor her husband wanted to be named for fear of retaliation due to the current state of crime in the town. However the husband said they were now terrified to leave their home and left wondering when the crime-wave would end.

“The Police attended and were helpful, but what is this town and authorities going to do about the current crimewave,” the husband asked.

“People are terrified to leave their homes and forced to lock them up like fortresses and what is being done about it,” the husband asked.

He also confirmed that the five shots which were reported in the Audley-Larmer St area recently were definitely gun shots and not fire crackers as Police believed.

“Why is this allowed to happen in a quiet country town like Narrandera. We need more Police resources and we need the community to take action as well,” he said.

It seems nearly every night of the week people are reporting people lurking in laneways and trying to gain entry to back sheds in Narrandera on the Neighbourhood Watch for Narrandera Facebook site. This page is proving a popular source in alerting people to suspicious activities in their area. No areas of the town appear to be safe from the current crimewave, with reports coming in from north, south, east and west Narrandera.

In addition to break-ins and attempted break-ins in recent days five teenagers were sighted trying car door handles in Douglas Street on Saturday night.

Narrandera resident Brett Hocking is approaching the Police and the Narrandera Shire Council in regards to exactly what assistance they are willing to provide to the formation of a Neighbourhood Watch in Narrandera as indicated by the Narrandera Argus last week.

“After that we will call a community meeting to explain what are the next steps,” he said. Mr Hocking approached the Facebook group founder Shaun Bedford in regard to helping with the formation of a group. “I call upon anyone else that would like to participate in a more formal role to contact me on Facebook or call 0427 243 467.

“However if you do not want to take a more formal role, this will not count you out in the community role of the Neighbourhood Watch,” he said. Mr Hocking said it was imperative that until the group was formed people should be careful as to the content that appears on the Facebook page.

“If in the event someone is caught and charged for the current activity that is occurring in the town we do not need the defence team that is representing them to be able to use anything on this page to assist them.

“So do not mention names until proven guilty;  do not downgrade police, we need them onside, and please continue to tell people about activities and things you see in your area. We are all in this for each other,” Mr Hocking said.

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