Mystery surrounds iconic sign

The 'Let's Meander in Narrandera' sign. along with the advertisement for its sale.

Lost Narrandera’s strong contingent of Facebook followers have been left wondering how the Let’s Meander in Narrandera sculpture has ended up being posted for sale for $2200 or best offer on E-bay.

They questioned how the rusting but iconic sign, part of Narrandera’s history, ended up on the site and wasn’t restored and put up in the Marie Bashir Park again or offered to the Parkside Museum.

Questions were also asked as to who had possession of it and how they came by it in the first place.

The seller is listed as Riverina Country Collectables at Leeton. It is understood that the seller bought it from a Narrandera resident, who originally got it from the Narrandera tip.

The seller claims to have a proof of receipt of purchase from the previous owner.

The sign is listed as: “Once in a lifetime opportunity exists to purchase the old genuine Narrandera Tourism sign as per photo. Exact item but the paintwork is faded since. All around Australia everyone knows it. Needs to be fully restored and on display to the public or in a museum preferably back in Narrandera NSW.”

In this case the sign was originally owned by the Narrandera Council. It was made by well known sculptor Ron Clarke of Darlington Point and stood in the Marie Bashir Park near the Visitors Information Centre for many years.

The Narrandera Council declined to comment.

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  1. That sign wasn’t just for tourists but for locals as well, for those like myself who have relocated but still call Narrandera home. It was the first things that people saw when entering Narrandera, either for the first time or revisiting. For me it was like a familiar old friendly face to welcome me back home. It truly is sad that Narrandera Council thinks so little of its towns history and its iconic signs like this one.

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