Mural for water tower

Vi and Gordon Bobbin are looking forward to seeing the completed artwork installed on the water tower as a tourist attraction.

Local youth and artists are to have creative input into a giant mural on Narrandera’s water tower.

Narrandera Shire Council was informed this month their $1 million grant application to the Australian Government Drought Communities Program was successful, giving the green light to the Art on the Water Tower project.

The town water supply is augmented by a water tower located on a block overlooking the central area of Narrandera.

Not only providing an attraction for visitors, the mural will focus on providing a collaborative opportunity for local young people to be involved in the content and design. Due to the size, shape and accessibility of the tower, professionals will be used to undertake the installation.

A youth project group will take part in workshops, design development and completion of a draft model based on Narrandera’s location, heritage, Aboriginal culture, industry and people.

Local business, trades and suppliers will be used, where possible, for the site preparation work. Narrandera Shire Councillor Tracey Lewis said local artists would be encouraged to submit designs for the project.

Council’s Deputy General Manager of Infrastructure Julian Geddes said a tight timeframe of June 30, 2019 was achievable for project completion after speaking with potential artists.

Mr Geddes said the project timeline allowed for an eight week window for youth collaboration and the development of three designs. He said a small parking area, seating and interpretative signage would be constructed. Installation of the art work is envisaged for late May.

The project was welcomed by north Narrandera residents Gordon and Vi Bobbin, who overlook the tower from their home in Myrtle Street.

Mrs Bobbin hopes the Narrandera mural would emulate the Lockhart water tower which had become a tourist attraction since it was decorated with a mural. She said the view from the tower across Narrandera was beautiful.

“I wouldn’t mind the extra visitors up here – it’s a great idea to get people to stop in the town,’’ Mrs Bobbin said.

Mr Bobbin said the area had already been beautified with tree plantings last year and an existing concrete slab was ideal for picnic table and chairs.

“I shared an image of a mural of a Rosella parrot on a silo in Victoria and it looked absolutely beautiful,’’ he said. “Our mural could depict the early years of Narrandera with a railway line wrapping around the whole tower, a train and carriages, a paddlesteamer on the river and a koala – I would love to see that.’’

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