Morundah to host Melbourne ballet

A scene from the Melbourne City Ballet's production of A Midsummer Night's dream. Photos courtesy of the Melbourne City Ballet.

The Morundah Paradise Palladium Theatre is branching out a little from its normal operatic line up, with two very different performances happening in September.

The Melbourne City Ballet will be bringing their production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Morundah on Saturday September 9.

“People think we sell out straight away, which we don’t. We’ve still got plenty of seats,” said David Fahey, member of the Morundah Bush Entertainment Committee.

As a part of the production, the company runs a workshop for any young aspiring dancers.

“There’ll be a workshop in the morning. Out of those kids they’ll select five to be actually in the performance that night. That’s part of our giving back and looking after youth.”

Having a chance to work with and learn from professionals is an opportunity that very few children in regional NSW can get. In every performance there are two roles that need to be filled; the changeling child and several of young fairies.

“People can go on the website and register their interest,” Mr Fahey said.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is choreographed by the Melbourne City Ballet’s artistic director, Michael Pappalardo. With the ballet touring through most of NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory, it’s a huge undertaking. Ballet is very taxing on the body, and the performers are travelling far to boot.

“With this tour there’s been about 38 shows,” Mr Pappalardo said.

“But we’re running four casts, so it comes back to between 10 and 15 shows for each cast member, and that’s over three months. But it is physically demanding while you’re there.”

After the company’s tour last year with Romeo and Juliet, they are looking forward to visiting Morundah again.

“It’s a great venue. We really love going there, it’s fun to go out there and they really look after us,” Mr Pappalardo said.

After the ballet is over, Morundah will also host the Australian Boys Choir. The choir, which began in 1939, is Australia’s largest and oldest secular boys’ choir.

“The best way to describe them is if people remember that Qantas ad,” Mr Fahey said.

“Our issue with those is we need to find 21 families who will billet two boys. There’s 42 kids in the choir and they normally billet them out. We’ve approached the schools to put it through their newsletters, but if anyone else can billet, or is able to, that would be really helpful.

“The families who billet will get free tickets to the performance,” Mr Fahey said.

Tickets for both performances can be bought through the Morundah Bush Entertainment Committee, call the Morundah Hotel on 6959 7414. Tickets for A Midsummer Night’s Dream are $55 for adults, children $20. Tickets for the Australian Boys Choir are $30 for adults and children are free.

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  1. Jennifer Thompson | August 31, 2017 at 12:42 pm | Reply

    What a marvellous opportunity for the local children. Learning from and participating with professionals can give the children the drive to become ‘that’ person they want to be. Opera Australia (OA) have just toured regional areas in Australia, I think Morundah was one of them too, performing the Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro”. In every regional centre in which they performed, selected school children became part of OA’s Regional Children’s Chorus and trained for months in their schools to learn songs of the village people and wedding guests. They were able to step onto the stage with the professionals and be part of a great opera and feel the magic of taking a curtain call.
    I live in Mandurah, Western Australia and our region was the second last to be visited by OA on their two month regional tour of bringing the arts to the regions. A wonderful experience!

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