Mixed bag for Carps

Both Carpheads teams had a home game on Saturday, with both sides up against the LSC Colts.

The Narrandera Carpheads had mixed results over the weekend, with one win and one loss to each team. The A Grade side were up against the LSC Colts.

The Colts are currently sitting at the top of the ladder for the Twenty20 rounds, although there is very little between the Colts and their nearest competition on the ladder, Yanco.

The Carps won the toss and elected to bat first. James Sullivan, who was captain in Brent Lawrence’s absence, was first up to bat. Sullivan was bowled out after only five runs by the Colts’ Michael Keech.

Fortunately, there was some relief to be had in the form of Mick Foster and Haydn Emerson.

Foster was able to hold on for 39 runs, keeping the runs ticking steadily on to the board, while Emerson chalked up a respectable 12 runs.

Nathan Carn was ready to dash Foster’s hopes of a higher score, catching him out after four overs. Kane Williams was out for a duck, caught by the skill of Matt Del Guzzo.

Dillion Penhall did his best to keep the play going, managing to get 12 on the board. He and Jarrod O’Brien were the last men standing at the end of the over, with the Carps on 5/77.

After a quick break, it was the Carps turn to bowl. Mark Tilyard was devastating on the field, bowling out the Colts’ first three batsmen for less than five runs apiece.

Del Guzzo was the force to be reckoned with in the end, batting steadily for a tally of 38 runs. Del Guzzo was caught by Kane Williams and bowled by Lachie Jess, ending the hardest hitter on the Colts’ side.

Matthew Curry and Hugh Collins were both out for only four, before Cooper Sharman made a respectable 12 runs.

In the end, the Colts were able to beat the Carps 77, comfortably matching their score in the 17th over at 6/78.

The B Grade side were also up against the LSC Colts. The B Grade team were also down their captain, with Dave Kroek absent for the weekend, but Brodie Perram proved a capable leader in the end.

Narrandera won the toss and elected to bowl first, with Rob Keech and Angus Crelley the first to take to the pitch. The pair made a fine partnership, with Keech hitting a six and Crelley two fours.

Keech was eventually caught out by Brodie Perram for 8, while Crelley made a substantial 28 before being caught out by Dillion Penhall.

It was harder going for Alex Crelley, who was caught out for a duck by Perram. Perram was a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, bowling out three Colts batsmen in all.

Cooper Sharman and Matt Rhodes both made a good go of it, clocking up 23 and 28 runs respectively. Eventually the Colts were all out at 6/104. After the break, the Carps were ready to give chase.

Ashley Cabban had a solid opening innings, clocking up 29 runs before being caught out by Glen Vitnell.

Cabban set the tone for the Carps performance, with Penhall, Connor Vearing and Mick Foster all tallying up strong scores.

In the end, the Carps were able to catch the Colts by a whisker in the 19th over, 6/107.

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