Make cooking fun with Rustty

Chef Rustty Lake Connolly with assistant chef Uthayakumar Dharmalingam.

Food should be fun. That’s the theme for a new way to spend your Saturday afternoons at a series of cooking classes to be held in Narrandera.

Starting in early spring and rolling through until the lead-up to Christmas, the classes will be hosted by local identity and chef, Rustty Lake-Connolly.

Working from his own kitchen, each week there will be a different theme. From Italian to German plus Chinese and Indian, he promises to teach the secrets of traditional international cooking made simple, using as much fresh produce and herbs to tantalise everyone’s palate.

One session will feature what Rustty calls “cheating.”

“People have limited time these days and getting food on the table is extremely important. Sometimes a few short-cuts are needed,” Rustty explained. “My own time has been limited on occasions so I’ve had to take shortcuts to get the food out there, so I’m more than happy to pass on some of these secrets if it makes life easier.”

The planned start date is September 16 and the classes will be limited to 12 people at a time. Call Rustty on 0402 061 316.

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