Lights on for Morundah

Members of the Narrandera Rotary Club and the Morundah Bush Entertainment Committee at the Morundah Hotel. Rotary donated a cheque to the Bush Entertainment Committee, which the committee hopes to put towards lighting.

The Narrandera Rotary club have made a surprise donation to the arts, presenting a generous cheque to the Morundah Bush Entertainment Committee.

The cheque was presented at the Morundah Hotel, with hotel publican and Bush Entertainment Committee member David Fahey putting on a magnificent spread for the visiting Rotarians.

The money came from the proceeds of this year’s Art Show, which has been organised by Rotary for the last few years.

“When we were winding up the show we decided that we wanted to park the money somewhere it would go back into the community,” said Rotary member Robert Norrie.

“We had a look around and decided on Morundah. The way they support the young people, we decided that it was worth sponsoring.

“Although Morundah is not part of the Shire they’re a part of the community,” Mr Norrie said.

The cheque was presented by Kathleen Foster, who has worked tirelessly for the Art Show.

June Gash, a member of the Bush Entertainment Committee, gave a short speech in response.

“Thank you very much for your donation. We have the theatre but it’s not complete. We’d like to put the money towards lighting,” Ms Gash said.

The Paradise Palladium Theatre has no permanent stage lighting. Larger companies can bring their own, but if the theatre has its own lighting, smaller acts can perform there.

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