Lake used to ease water shortages

Buoys have been installed upstream of Bundigerry Regulator to keep recreational craft clear of the structure.

Lake Talbot has been used over the summer to address water shortages for regional farmers.

Murrumbidgee Irrigation has drawn on water in Lake Talbot and internal storages at Yenda, Bray’s Dam and Barren Box to supplement supply for customers.

A Murrumbidgee Irrigation spokesperson said the MIA was experiencing water shortage due to a combination of a rainfall deficit and hot temperatures causing crop demands to soar.

“More water is on the way to fill the shortfall, but with a seven day order lag time from our dams, the Lake Talbot storage has been critical in helping to reduce the immediate impact on our farmers,’’ he said.

“We have used Lake Talbot a couple of times recently, working in conjunction with Narrandera Council, to help get water to farmers when there are water shortages.’’

Buoys have been placed upstream of the Bundigerry regulator to keep recreational craft clear of the structure. The spokesperson said automated structures open and close without notice creating an entrapment hazard.

Supply restrictions were averted last week after diversions into the system from Water NSW at Berembed Weir were reduced at short notice.

The screen at the Bundigerry regulator was cleaned to limit the potential impact on customers, maximise available flows and enable access to lower levels of stored water.

“Our new metering technology was also put to good use during this period, helping us identify customers who were taking water without an order or above their ordered flow rate,’’ the spokesperson said.

“We contacted customers and their supply was suspended or adjusted so as not to impact others.’’

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