Karate success at Nationals

The members of the Narrandera Karate Club who competed at the 2018 Goshin Ryu Karate National Championships in Blacktown earlier this month.

Thirteen members of the Narrandera Karate Club made the long trip up to Blacktown earlier this month to compete in the 2018 Goshin Ryu Karate National Championships.

This was the biggest team that the Narrandera club has sent for some time and it was well worth the effort with the 13 member squad bringing home 11 trophies and several participation medals. Ranging in ages from kids to adults there was a mix of seasoned competitors and first timers.

Erica, Anna and Riley Roden, Ruby and Sarah Hewitt and Hunter Baldwin all participated in the no losers fun tournament part of the day. However, due to illness this was Hunter’s only activity for the day.

The real competition kicked off with sparring and kata events across all ages. With nearly everyone attending coming away with a placing, the competition also provided everyone with some valuable experience as they move forward with their martial arts journey.

Full results:

Sensei Paul Baldwin: Fifth place men’s Veterans Kata, 1st place men’s Veterans point sparring.

Sensei Mitchell Pieper: Unplaced men’s open kata, 4th men’s open kata.

Amanda Baldwin: 3rd women’s open kata, 3rd women’s veterans point sparring.

Craig Hewitt: Unplaced in men’s veterans kata and sparring.

Brett Roden: 3rd place men’s white to brown belts kata.

Zoe Baldwin: 3rd place 18 year old girls point sparring.

Adam Hewitt: 2nd boys 14 year old point sparring.

Ruby Hewitt: 2nd 12 year old girls kata, 3rd 12 year old girls point sparring.

Sarah Hewitt: 1st place 8 year old girls point sparring.

Riley Roden: Unplaced in 12 year old girls kata and sparring.

Anna Roden: 3rd 10 year old girls point sparring.

Erica Roden: 2nd 8 year old girls point sparring.

Hunter Baldwin: Illness withdrawal.

It was an awesome effort from all involved as attention now moves to the second grading of the year where many people are hoping to grade to their next belt.

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