Junior Eagles end the season

The Junior Eagles finished up the last of the Home and Away rounds last weekend.

Next weekend the Eagles will move into the semi-finals, with the under 13s and under 15s footballers and the under 11s, under 13s and under 15s netballers all moving into the next round.

The under 11s continued their winning streak last Saturday with success over Barellan. Zoe, Lily and Macey shot accurately and rebounded every opportunity. Versatile Charlie played both ends of the court, also contributing to the Eagles’ goals. Grace and Clancy were the last line of defence and made it very tough for Barellan’s shooters.

In the mid-court, Imogen, Mikayla, Meleke and Olivia chased every loose ball and read the play well. Every team member demonstrated sharp passing and clever intercepts.

Final score Eagles 31 – Barellan 3. The team finished 4th on the ladder by a healthy margin. The Under 11s will now play Leeton in the second semi-final next weekend. Game-day Captain: Lily Sergeant. Awards: Cash went to Macey Vearing; TA Ryan went to Imogen Bloomfield; Narrandera Pizzeria went to both Clancy Ryan and Meleke Oszoy.

The bottom-age Under 11s played a friendly scratch match against a Barellan combination team. Although the game was unscored, the Eagles shone with great court progression and a contribution by all. It displayed the improved skills and confidence that the younger team members have gained over the season. Game-day Captain: Hallie Mimmo. Awards: Cash went to Hallie Mimmo, Café Shazaray to Milley Godden; Popular Fish Shop to Keely McLean, Narrandera Pizzeria to Bellah Reilly and the Socks went to April Walsh.

The under 11s Eagles footballers were looking to record a win against Barellan for their last game of the season and they did not disappoint. They put on a dominant display against an under strength Two Blues outfit. From the opening bounce the ball was repeatedly kicked long into the Eagles forward line and it was a scramble amongst the side for who was to kick the goal.

On the rare occasion when the ball went down the other end our defensive group held strong and sent it quickly up to the forward line. When the final siren sounded the Eagles had finished with a 95 to 1 point victory.

It was a shame the side missed the finals this year because they were really finding some form and would have been very competitive through the final series. Many thanks go out to Shane Bloomfield for his many hours of work coaching this young group and to Geoff Longmire for being the side’s runner all season.

Thanks also to the goal umpires, field umpires, water boys, vote takers and most of all the parents who supported this group of great kids throughout the season.
The final thank you goes out to the Under 11s Eagles Football Team. They have been a pleasure to watch and barrack for all season long. Well done to your efforts you should be proud. Awards: Cash went to Ryan Hugo, Popular Fish Shop went to Horatio Davie-Botton, Narran-dera Bakery went to Sam Longobardi, and Junior Canteen went to Baxter Longmire.

The under 13s Eagles netballers started of the game quite slowly with many turnovers and Barellan throwing everything that had at them. It was a very intense quarter with the score at six all.

Pippa and Katelyn combined well together with many of their shots scoring to put the Eagles in front. Great defence work from Brooke and Jess kept Barellan from scoring many of their attempts at goal. Lily was so strong in the centre with the ball being turned over regularly due to her speed with assistance from Tess and Marnie. Barellan was not giving up without a fight with the score at 11-16, Eagles way.

The third quarter saw the change of a few positions which paid off well, Marnie coming into the centre roll and Lily on the wing backed up by Tess. Pippa continued to shoot well and the girls continued their dominance in defence which gave Eagles their biggest lead in the game, 25-15.

The fourth quarter saw the departure of Lily and the replacement of Clancy who stepped into her roll without a hitch. The Eagles continued to step up another gear with the fourth quarter being the best of the match. The Eagles took the game, 30-15.

Awards: Cash went to Marnie Grintell, T/A Ryan went to Pippa Smith, Café Shazaray went to Jess Forrest.

The last game of the home and away season for the under 13s footballers saw the footy gods smiling down on us with ideal weather. The Eagles started quickly showing great teamwork and skills although sometimes overuse of the ball let us down.

The second quarter saw a few changes and the ball movement continued to work well across the forward line. The backline held strong and our kicks and handballs failed to miss their targets.

The third quarter was another hard fought quarter by the boys with scoring options plentiful but they needed to work on finding a man and staying tight.

The midfield and back line continued to work hard however Barellan continued to fight hard which the Eagles did not expect.

Overall Coach Serg was happy with the boys’ effort and attitude during the game with just a few things to fine tune for the upcoming semi final against Griffith White at Ganmain on Sunday. Awards: Cash went to Lachlan Kerr, Subway went to Heath Wasley-Reilly, Narrandera Bakery went to Noah Bolton and the Junior Canteen went to Jack Sergeant.

Zoe Absolom had a stellar game as Centre and was highly effective in each play during the first quarter of the under 15s gold netballers. Defenders Bailey Robinson and Sigrid McLaughlin hunted the ball away at every opportunity skilfully forcing it back through to the Eagles attack players, allowing the Eagles to score some much needed goals.

Overall the Eagles worked incredibly hard in a very difficult match against Barellan with the final score being Barellan 31 defeating Narrandera 17. Awards: Cash went to Zoe Absolom, Early Opener to Amelia Gillespie, and TA Ryan went to Trinity McDuff.

The under 15s football team travelled to Leeton for an early game against the in-form Leeton Whitton Crows. Injury and illness again prevented the Eagles from having the benefit of a bench but their commitment and defence allowed them to possess the majority of the ball for the first term.

Narrandera put some early points on the board in the second quarter but Leeton’s speed to move the ball allowed them to bang on some quick goals. Ben Pearson kicked one goal for the quarter. Narrandera’s commitment won them the third quarter but injury to Brad Hutchison meant the Eagles were down to only 17 players going into the fourth quarter. Ed Gooden kicked one goal in the third term.

In what proved to be a very tough game, the Eagles truly stepped up with the limited numbers they had to give it to the Crows. The final score truly did not reflect the intensity of the game that the Eagles played. The final score Leeton 62 defeated Narrandera 20. Awards: N&T Automotive went to Harry Grintell, Gluttony Pizza & Pasta went to Luke Argus, Narrandera Bakery went to Ed Gooden, Junior Canteen went to Dylan Johnson.

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