Jason turns talent to yoga

With the recent spate of businesses closing in Narrandera, it’s good to know that one budding local business is going great guns, with Jason Heckendorf’s Unique Fitness yoga studio already selling out lesson spots.

“Basically what I’ve been doing since about November is teaching from home.”

Mr Heckendorf works full-time for RK Fraser’s Home Hardware.

Jason Heckendorf’s yoga business Unique Fitness is going great guns.

“I’ve been doing yoga for five years. I started doing a class a week, and now I do seven. Once I finish work I’ll look at doing classes during the day. I’ve had people with kids ask me about them, so that will have to start.”

With a studio in his backyard, Mr Heckendorf is able to tailor the premises for clients; currently there is a bit of impromptu insulation on the studio to warm yogis up in the winter.

Mr Heckendorf focuses on what is known as Vin/Yin yoga; Vinyasa yoga followed by yin yoga. There are more strenuous work-out based forms of yoga such as Ashtanga, but Mr Heckendorf finds these techniques to be better for his clients.

“With Vinyasa, it’s all about the breath, and with yin, you get into a yoga pose and you hold it. The benefits you get out of it are more to quiet the mind down and that’s what people have connected with.”

There are other options for Mr Heckendorf’s business beyond yoga.

“Before I did this I had my personal trainer certificate, but I’m really focussing on the yoga right now. Coming into summer I’ll go down to the Lake Talbot pool, where I teach Aqua Fit.”

Mr Heckendorf also travels to teach classes, heading out to Morundah on Tuesdays.

“The ladies that go out there, they appreciate what I do – they can’t believe that they’re doing yoga at Morundah. It’s the most incredible community. Right now it’s just women and children but I’m hoping to get more men interested. I’ve stopped going out there for a couple of weeks because people have said they’re worried about  ‘roos, but it will start up again soon.”

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