High school dives in to swimming carnival

First off the blocks at the Narrandera High School Twilight swimming carnival.

The Narrandera High School Twilight swimming carnival was held on Thursday February 8 and started with a presentation from each house at the morning assembly.

Whilst all of the houses put together a creative feature, the Berembed House slant on current events was deemed the winner and they started the day from in front with a bonus 50 points for their presentation.

Students then marched from the High School to the pool at 1pm in their house groups.

After a short stopover at Narrandera East Infants to play with the students and involve them in the day, the students continued on with Midgeon House taking the points from Lake Talbot Pool management for the most impressive entry into the pool complex.

Once the swimming got underway it was a wave of yellow caps that kept appearing in the marshalling area.

After being knocked off their perch last year as swimming champions after 15 consecutive wins, Uroly House seemed keen to put themselves back on top with numbers in races being
the key ingredient. This trend continued for most of the day and well into the evening.

There were also some outstanding individual results for the day. Three records were broken with Paige Godden breaking a record in the 50m Butterfly, Daneka Hatty broke her older sister’s record in the 50m Backstroke while William Roffe broke his own record in the 50m Butterfly.

The individual highlight of the evening was the Champion of Champions race with the six fastest swimmers racing off against each other.

In the girls event it was a very tight affair with Katelyn Johnson taking the honours in a judge’s call finish.

In the boys event, William Roffe led from the start to hold off the rest of the field as they all tried to finish over him at the end to no avail.

At the end of the evening the Age Champions were crowned with the girls champions being Claire Ingram, Katelyn Johnson, Lauren Wickes, Isabella Beaumont, Daneka Hatty and Ivy Longmire.

The boys champions for 2018 were Brayden Stewart, Jaspar Beaumont, Heath Chappell, Dylan Johnson, Brad Cussans and William Roffe.

The champion house for the evening was also awarded the George Deep Trophy and the NHS Swimming Champions trophy with Uroly taking back the mantle as the champion house from Berembed with 1062 points. Berembed was second with 777 points, followed by Midgeon with 704 and Gillenbah on 698.

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