Here’s cheers to Rotary

Rotary’s aim for this year was to spend their money across the Narrandera community, and this was very apparent last week. Rotary made a very useful donation to the Narrandera ambulance station.

“Rotary Club bought us a supply of drinking water for our use, and we’d like to say thank you,” said paramedic Tanya Vukovljah. “They do community purchases, so they fundraise and they like to spend money in the community. This year our ambulance was the recipient. It’s just a little thank you. We want to say thanks to Rotary, and thank you to the community for supporting them.”

The paramedic team, reluctant to drink Narrandera’s water without some sort of filtration, have been drinking bottled water. The new purchase, while it may seem superfluous on the surface, will be a great benefit to the station.

“We were very sorry to see the IGA Supermarket go, because we used to be able to just duck next door. Sometimes it [the water] comes out of the tap white, and then you let it sit for five minutes and then it goes clear,” Ms Vukovljah said.

Robert Close, who has been trying to find a way to support the ambulance station for some time, said that the purchase was typical of Rotary’s aims for the year.

“It’s very hard to spend money with these people! We’re trying to keep the money Rotary raises in Narrandera. Our former president Anne Dunn, that was her intent, she wanted to spend money in Narrandera,” Mr Close.

Mr Close said the money for the water cooler had come from a weekly barbeque “out the back of Coles”.

The paramedic team, who already have their work cut out for them, are just grateful to have had the community support.

“It’s much better for our health. We’re very appreciative. We just want to say thanks and let everyone in town know what good stuff Rotary does,” Ms Vukovljah said.

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