Happy 102nd birthday Evelyn

Evelyn Stuart with her children on her 102nd birthday.

Well known Narrandera Grong Grong centenarian Evelyn Stuart celebrated her 102nd birthday yesterday, surrounded by her family.

Evelyn was born in Grong Grong in 1915 and lived in the village all of her life, although she currently lives at Opal Narrandera.

“Every day she wants to go back to Grong Grong,” said her son Kelvin Stuart.

One of a family of seven, Evelyn had five sisters and one brother. Two of her sisters are still living. The family also has three younger half-siblings.

Longevity seems to be in the genes, as all of Evelyn’s sisters have made pretty good innings so far. However her brother, Bill, died at only 52 years of age.

Evelyn had eight children of her own, six boys and two girls. Her family have stayed quite local, scattered between Wagga, Boree Creek, Matong and Grong Grong. Between them she has 19 grandchildren, 31 great-grand-children and seven great-great-grandchildren.

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