Gary’s hat trick with AGROXA

Gary Myers’ award winning XA Falcon, AGROXA. Photo by Chris Thorogood.

Gary Myers has taken out the Valvoline Street Machine of the year for the third time, the only person to have ever done so.

Winning each competition with a different car, Mr Myers and his wife Deby are delighted with the award.

“We originally won it in 2001 with the Mustang – I’ve owned it since I was 17, so that’s 35 years now.”

Mr Myers and his black ’66 Mustang have won a string of awards together, including the Summernats Burn-out Championships in 1992, the Burnout Championships of the word at Summernats 13 in 2000 and two Burnout Masters wins.

“Then I won it in 2005 with another Mustang that I bought as an elite show car and we’ve won it in 2017, and I’m the only one to win it three times.”

This year’s winning car, called AGROXA, was rebuilt by Mr Myers almost from scratch. Restoring and rebuilding cars is never cheap, but Mr Myers has a few advantages up his sleeve.

“It started out as an XA two-door Falcon. It was just a shell, a damaged body. I do a lot of my work myself – I do my own body work, fabricating. Because I’m a mechanic by trade I know how to do the electrics. I did panel-beating courses and spray painting courses when I was learning the trade. It’s all done nearly in house, other than the paint.”

AGROXA is the car’s second incarnation. When Mr Myers did the initial rebuild of the XA Falcon it was called XACUTER, although he told Street Machine magazine that “it never quite got there, so we parked it after a few years”.

“The car was off the road for three years,” Mr Myers said.

Rather than repaint AGROXA, Mr Myers instead had the car wrapped.

“It’s virtually a big sticker, and then the paint is protect-ed from scratches and paint chips.

“This is what my son Jake Myers does. He’s a graphic designer with a company in Melbourne. They wrap buses, trams, motor cars. It’s all done on a computer and then the design is printed out. Vinyl Wraps and Graphics is who my son works for, and his boss wrapped the car.

“I’d like to thank sponsors and friends that have helped the car on the way, and obviously the readers of the mag, as well as all the Narrandera locals, for voting me for Street Machine of the year.”

Despite the stellar achievement, Mr Myers and his family aren’t resting on their laurels.

“We’ve just been working on the car, we’ve been getting it ready to take to Sydney this weekend,” Mr Myers said.

Mr Myers and his family will be heading to the Supernats 23rd Annual Event.

“It’s held at Eastern Creek. It’s an event we go to every year, and then Summernats in the New Year. We have qualified for the Masters at Summernats, so that’s the biggest competition in the country,” Mr Myers said. “I will be competing against my son Jake this weekend at Eastern Creek, which is always a great buzz for both of us. I will be competing in AGROXA and Jake will be competing in his Mustang S1CKO.”

In a delightful turn of events, Jake Myers’ car S1CKO was built from Mr Myers’ faithful old ’66 Mustang – still going strong and now taking the next generation to the top.

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