Fun start to Christmas season

Kelly Bamblett with her nephew, Ruben Bamblett, during Bidgee Boxing’s Walk and Talk.

The Christmas Fun Fair on Friday was a proud achievement for the Narrandera Business Group.

“I think it went off very well,” said Business Group member Ann Black. “The response was very good; we’re happy.”

Ann said it was a little early to take stock of how much economic impact the Fun Fair had for local businesses, but she said the people she had already spoken to were reporting that they’d had more foot traffic into their stores.

“Rockin’ on East stall sold out; they sold all of their cheeseburgers. Bidgee Boxing sold out as well.

“There was an excellent turn-out. When I looked up and down the street, it was packed,” Ann said.

As well as the food and the shopping, Bidgee Boxing held a ‘Walk and Talk’.

For 24 hours, the Bidgee Boxing crew set up two treadmills, allowing people to come forward and talk about their experiences in accessing mental health services.
Councillor Tracey Lewis spent seven hours on the treadmill, and said the Walk and Talk was “excellent”.

“So many people from the community came and hopped on a treadmill. And lots of people didn’t get on, but stopped and talked about their experiences.

“Everyone has a personal story, so it was amazing to have that at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

“Narrandera Shire Councillors Wesley [Hall], Mayor Neville [Kschenka] and Tammy [Galvin] got on. The treadmills didn’t stop for 24 hours,” Cr Lewis said.

On top of the local representation, Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke made the journey to Narrandera for the Walk and Talk.

“She popped over and did about 40 minutes on the treadmill,” Cr Lewis said. “When she was done, she stayed and talked to people in the streets as well.”

“It was so much fun to spend that time with people that I know and love. People that had been affected by some major issues came down and talked. I felt like we’re a community that does care,” Cr Lewis said.

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