Firebugs at work

Narrandera Fire and Rescue have had to respond to a staggering amount of deliberately lit fires in town over the past week.

Two fires, both believed to have been deliberately lit, were attended to by the Narrandera Fire and Rescue on Friday.

Both were located on the banks of the channel, behind Bishop’s Lodge Hotel.

“There were two separate fires down there, about an hour apart,” said Narrandera Fire and Rescue Captain Neal Tait.

“They were quickly extinguished.”

While small grassfires are easily contained and put out, it creates more than just a nuisance for fire fighters. If they are not contained, small fires can damage property, dwellings, and pose a safety hazard to residents.

“That was just a follow up – we had 13 separate fires on Tuesday morning,” Mr Tait said.

“There were about nine separate fires at 2am on Tuesday, and at 3.30am there was another four on the canal bank near the police station.

“We’d look left and look right and there were fires each way, we were left wondering which ones to put out first.

“The biggest would have been 30 metres by 30 metres. It took two hours to extinguish them all.”

Mr Tait believes all the fires were deliberately lit.

“It’s just a bit of boredom, people with nothing else to do.”

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