Father’s Day

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Don’t panic – but did you realise Father’s Day is this Sunday?

Help is at hand if you are still empty-handed (and don’t want Dad to be). Check this page for some great gift ideas. If you feel you’re wrestling for ideas, you’re not alone — 57 per cent of buyers admit they struggle when it comes to buying thoughtful gifts.

Extra bucks don’t necessarily add up to extra smiles — 92 per cent of men say they place the highest value on personal touches, preferring gifts their kids have made. However, if you want to buy Dad a gift to show your appreciation remember to try to give him a gift that’s just as unique as he is.

Father’s Day is a special occasion for all dads, but for first-time fathers it is a particularly magical moment. In the first year of a baby’s life the focus tends to be on Mum, so September 3 is a great time to remind Dad that he is doing a great job too. A gift that is a sweet and sentimental will pull at his heart strings, and anything that gets him involved and bonding with his little one is even better.

It’s such a beautiful  gesture to acknowledge the huge role a new dad will play in his young child’s life. This might include a beautifully illustrated, classic children’s book about the father-child bond which is not only a really sentimental gift for a new dad, but will go on to create so many more special moments when the baby is old enough for bedtime stories.

Shopping for your dad can be frustrating. When it comes to getting him any sort of gift, your conversation probably goes something like this: “Dad, what do you want for Father’s Day?” “I don’t know. You don’t have to get me anything.” If you have the funds, but aren’t sure what to get him this year, maybe carry-on suitcase, a new everyday watch, a firebox pizza oven or accessory for his barbecue, a comfy recliner to laze the day away, a bag of delicious chocolates or lunch or dinner out (your treat) could be an option. These ideas are suited for every type of dad.

Whether this is his first Father’s Day or his 40th, whether he’s an outdoors man, auto or food lover there’s bound to be a gift he’ll love from our advertisers.

Don’t be one of the one in 10 Australians who has forgotten Father’s Day at least once. Remember how important dads are. Try to imagine a dad free world for a moment. So, remember to lash out and spoil Dad this Sunday.

Father’s Day out on it’s own!

When it comes to most of the world, including the US and the UK, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June — but Australians will celebrate it on Sunday September 3 this year.

Father’s Day started in the US in 1910 and was first celebrated in Australia in 1936, according to an archived newspaper article which lists it as “a new day”.

While Mother’s Day celebration lines up with most of the world in May, Father’s Day is a full three months after countries we share the most similarities with — and there’s a simple explanation.

All of the calendar days we celebrate throughout the year all come down to the marketing and retail sector. There’s a theory described as “holiday fatigue” where experts claim consumers grow tired of constantly being bombarded with holidays and need a little time to recover — a theory that only helps Father’s Day’s September placement.

When considering the months of April to June, the Australian calendar is full of special events and holidays. There’s the Easter long weekend, Anzac Day and the Queen’s Birthday. Australians also celebrate Mother’s Day and the lesser known Labour Day and May Day.

Just like Boxing Day on December 26, marketing and retail companies have perfectly orchestrated days to get people out and shopping for gifts.

While some dispute the claims, it’s easy to see how happily retailers embrace each holiday. As soon as Christmas is over, stores line their shelves with Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs.

Father’s Day being held in September is not only conveniently far away from most Australian calendar dates, it also coincides with the start of Spring — the perfect season to market dad gifts like sporting, camping and fishing items.
While it’s easy to blame Father’s Day for being a victim of marketing strategies, it definitely isn’t the only calendar date that retailers have embraced.

Christmas is the biggest example — and when days like Father’s and Mother’s Day are compared to the mammoth lead-up to Christmas and Easter it’s easy to see why marketers are slowly starting to embrace the calendar events a bit more.

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