End of harvest something to celebrate

The major sponsors of last year's Header Driver's Conference presenting a cheque for over $10,000 to Can Assist's Neta Close.

The harvest is over, the headers are in the shed for another year, and that means the Header Drivers Convention is on again.

On Friday February 2, Narrandera will get the opportunity to kick back, have a cold one – and raise some much-needed funds.

The event started over 20 years ago to celebrate the end of harvest. This year the convention will move from the Murrumbidgee Hotel to the Narrandera Eagles Football Clubhouse.

“It started out just in a shed, and it took 20 years to get into town,” said Neil Seidel, one of the organisers of the Header Drivers Convention.

“It used to be just a few blokes at Sandigo. We used to go to Boree Creek and we’ve been to the Morundah pub.

“We started going to the Bidgee and we were charging $20 a head – it was costing me money.

“So then I got a sponsor and then we started making money. We wondered what to do with it and that’s when we got on to Can Assist.”

The convention is primarily now a fundraiser for Can Assist.

Despite the name, anyone is welcome to buy a ticket, as long as they have “driven a header, seen a header or seen a picture of a header”.

A barbecue meal is provided and the cost of the ticket pays for beer for the night.

“All the meat – it’s feedlot meat from the local Glenfyne Farms. Nick Jensen [of the Narrandera Bakery] supplies the bread.

“We’ve got a few new sponsors this year, so that’s good,” Mr Seidel said.

“I didn’t want our fundraising to go out of town; with Can Assist it stays here. Neta Close was telling me they need $10,000 a month to survive. I’d like to think that one night on the drink keeps them going for a month,” he quipped.

Last year the Header Drivers Convention raised over $10,000, all of which went to Can Assist. With an eye for fundraising in mind, ticket prices are now $50 each.

“If you put $50 over a bar in the pub you won’t get far, and it’s for Can Assist.

“We’ll have the awards at the end of the night, for people who have stuffed up. I’ve even got hats now [donated by Get Stitched Embroidery].

“It’s for people who hit trees with headers, or hit a row of trucks. Just to put the knife right in,” Mr Seidel said.

The Header Drivers Convention would like to thank their sponsors of the event, including Hutcheon and Pearce, Matt Kingston Earthmoving, Lowes Petroleum Coleambally, Australian Farm and Fencing, Fabstock Livestock and Mineral Supplement, Glenfyne Farms, Greg Geltch Excavations, Graincorp, Narrandera Bakery, Murrumbidgee Hotel, Landmark Narrandera, Rabobank, Ag ’n’ Vet Services, Hi Marq Engineering, Elders Narrandera, Get Stitched Embroidery, Lawndock Pastoral, D&S Meccano, Hayllar Transport, Carlton United Breweries, Hutchins Bros Engineering, W Clark and Sons Engineering, KJ & LM Polsen and Conway Welding and Fabricating.

The Header Drivers Convention will be held on Friday February 2 at the Narrandera Sportsground from 6pm onwards.

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