Easy win for the Carpheads

The B-Grade Carpheads had an excellent win over Leeton and District Blue.

The Narrandera B-Grade Carpheads had an easy win over Leeton and District Cricket Club Blue on the weekend.

“We had a win, but the other team only had seven players, so that probably made it a bit easier,” said B-grade Captain David Kroek. “We let them bat first. It’s the right thing to do when there’re fewer players, it isn’t fair to be making people bat when they’ve already been running around like mad in the sun.”

Despite playing with a reduced side, L&DCC B still put in quite the effort, with Jamie O’Connell scoring 24 runs for 28 balls in the first innings. Both O’Connell and Anthony Tocin batted three fours each for L&DCC.

“Jack Williamson started bowling for us. He went really well and got us the wicket we wanted,” Kroek said.

Williamson bowled Tocin, knocking one of L&DCC’s stronger players out of the running.

“And then we had Phil Aumann and Adam Hayes and they cleaned up the rest.”

Hayes bowled out three of L&DCC’s batsmen, while Aumann’s bowling saw O’Connell caught out.

“We ended up with all of them out at 58,” Kroek said. “Jono Schofield came out and did what he does best, which is score a heap of runs. We only lost two wickets in the chase, so that was good. It wasn’t too much else, it was a quick match.”

Schofield was bowled out for 28 runs by Tocin, although not before batting two sixes and one four.

“Narrandera B grade play Yanco next weekend. They had a good win over the weekend, so it should be a good game,” Kroek said.

Yanco Cricket Club smashed the Phantoms last weekend. Yanco lead the batting with 8/230, leaving the Phantoms to play catch up. Unfortunately for the Phantoms, they were all out 9/34 at the end of the day.

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