Eagles captain leads netball win

The Riverina representative side (red uniforms) had a 22 point victory over Farrer.

A-Grade Netball Eagle Kelly Stockdale was the captain of the Riverina representative side in the weekend’s devastating victory against Farrer.

Riverina won every single game against Farrer, with the under 17s and open football and netball teams all walking away with substantial leads.

The Riverina netball side was strong in the first quarter. The team came together quickly and seamlessly, effortlessly dominating the Farrer side. Mistakes and untidy play put Farrer at a disadvantage at first, although they proved themselves with some strong intercepting and were occasionally able to disrupt the Riverina’s seamless play.

Some untidy shooting went against both teams, with both sides striving to take advantage of rebounds in the goal circle. Both teams were engaged in high quality play, but the Riverina side was stronger, up 17-06.

Riverina continued their dominance into the second quarter, strengthening their lead. The ball spent most of its time in the Riverina’s goal circle. Strong defending meant the Riverina sometimes had to be creative with their passing, with players choosing short, low handling to keep the ball away from Farrer.

The Farrer side began to put pressure on the Riverina, and the teams were more evenly matched into the second quarter. While the Riverina had a secure lead, Farrer were able to get a few more points on the board. Farrer had some catching up to do by half time, with the score 33-18.

The bloodbath continued into the third quarter. Riverina scored three easy goals in rapid succession. Farrer began to rally, narrowing their gap and catching up to the dominant Riverina side. The Blues kicked into gear, taking advantage of rebounds and working hard to come back.

The renewed effort resulted in some beautiful play from Farrer. The Riverina were still able to maintain their lead into the end of the third quarter, 49-32.

Farrer continued their efforts into the fourth quarter, but the Riverina never slipped. For every hard earned goal Farrer were able to shoot, the Riverina matched it. In the last few minutes, the  Riverina devastatingly kicked into gear, widening their lead by over 20 points. While Farrer were able to mitigate their loss, they were never able to claw back the lead the Riverina had established
early in the game. The final score was 65-43.

“I can take very little credit,” Stockdale said after the game. “All the girls are amazing, and it’s just such a good group. Great coaching too; we’ve got a really good strong league that we can pick from, so we’re very fortunate for that.

“We just came out strong, and we were scoring quarter by quarter. It was a fight after that first quarter. It was a credit to our defence especially, with Brigetta Hart getting all those turnovers and the girls converting it.”

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