Crime drop expected

Griffith Local Area Commander Michael Rowan is expecting that crime rates will normalise in Narrandera following six arrests in relation to a string of break and enters, stealing and other charges as part of Operation Chando.

In the latest arrest last Wednesday a 26 year old Narrandera man was charged with a number of offences relating to the recent string of break and enters at Narrandera.

Police obtained a warrant and arrested the man at a residence in Chantilly Street last Wednesday morning.

They found a number of goods, believed to be stolen, and seized car keys, power tools, furniture, make-up, garden tools, sporting equipment, tool boxes, clothing and backpacks.

The man has been charged with six counts of break, enter and steal, break and enter with intent to steal, break and enter and commit serious indictable offence, steal motor vehicle, take and drive conveyance, larceny, police pursuit (Skye’s Law) and driving while disqualified.

The man was refused bail and appeared at Wagga Local Court on Thursday. He will answer to six different charges due to the scale and variety of offences he allegedly committed. His next court appearance will be on September 27.

“I am of the view that this arrest is the culmination of significant work by the police in Griffith and Narrandera,” said Griffith Local Area Commander Michael Rowan.

“I would expect that a normalisation would occur. We might have a slowdown in the number of property offences. I wouldn’t say they’ll go away entirely, because crime never goes away entirely, but I hope it will return to where it was before.

“Hopefully, Narrandera returns to Narrandera.”

The man’s arrest was a part of the larger Operation Chando, which was set up in response to a flood of property offences which occurred around Narrandera and Leeton in recent months.

Narrandera’s rate of break and enters has already decreased substantially.

Griffith Local Area Command established Strike Force Chando in May to investigate those responsible for committing break and enter and other property related offences in Narrandera and Leeton.

“However, Police efforts would not have been successful without the community of Narrandera,” Commander Rowan said.

“If anybody knows anything that they think may help, please contact us.”

As part of this same operation, Griffith LAC executed a search warrant at a Leeton property last Tuesday and seized $9000 worth of power tools suspected to have been stolen.

This search related to a break and enter and steal that occurred at a Leeton premises under construction earlier in the month.

The occupant of the searched residence was spoken to by police in regards to the acquisition of the property and all tools found were seized as exhibits.

The occupant of the premises received a court attendance notice for dealing with the proceeds of crimes.

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