Cricket season starts up

The cricket season is upon us, and the Carpheads are playing their first B-grade game this weekend.

The cricket is back on this weekend, with the B-grade Carpheads prep-aring themselves for their first game on Saturday at Leeton High School.

“We’re trying to drum up a team,” said Dave Kroek, B-grade captain. “We’ve got nine locked in, and two maybes. I’m waiting to hear from a few other guys. Everyone’s getting over the end of the footy season.”

The cricket season seems to have sprung up on quite  a few people, with even Mr Kroek admitting he was a week off. The A-grade team has a bye for the first week, and unfortunately the C-grade will not be playing at all.

“We’ve had a lot of the C-grade players pull out,” Mr Kroek said. “There’s a handful that are still keen, though, so they’ll sort of come up and play B-grade.

“A lot of those kids that Luke Argus got in don’t want to be in it this year. But Connor Vearing and Luke Argus  and Jack Williamson will be keen to have a run.”

Additionally, former play-ers who had moved away have come back to the area and are keen to get involved again.

“One guy, Phil Williams, he’s keen to play. Phil was in Sydney for a bit. Adam Hayes, he used to play for us, he’s come back to town. He’s been in Wagga,” Mr Kroek said.

Some players have upped stumps and left, however.

“Mitch McPherson has moved to Sydney. He went at the end of last year, actually, and he was coming back to play for us. But now he’s  playing up there.

“Up until two weeks ago there were only five teams. There’s two from Leeton and District though. L&D Blue and L&D Yellow. We’re playing L&D Blue this week-end, but I’m honestly not sure who’s in the teams yet.”

There are now six teams in the B-grade competition, and five in the A-grade.

The sixth side, the Phantoms, which is traditionally made up of Yanco Agricultural college students, was only able to come on board after the roster was adjusted to co-ordinate the team’s byes with home weekends for the students. The Phantoms had been caught out more than once last season with an understaffed side due to home weekends.

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