Coming together for Christmas

The business owners behind the Made. pop-up shop. All of the women involved juggle their small, independent businesses with other jobs and families.

A bevy of Narrandera small businesses have come together to set up a popup shop, just in time for Christmas.

Made. will open this Wednesday November 22 at 98 East Street. The brainchild of Natalie Zak-Coelli, the Made. pop-up shop combines the talents and business acumen of eight local small business owners who operate almost solely online.

“While brainstorming one day trying to think of some new Christmas ideas for our little hobby business Whimsical Creations, I had this crazy idea to open a temporary shop to showcase all the products we have because people only really see them online, not in person,” Ms Zak-Coelli said “And then I had a bit of a light bulb moment – there are so many other talented and passionate creators in our town, so wouldn’t it be fabulous to get all this variety into one shop, just before Christmas. And that’s where the seed got planted and Made. was established.”

Ms Zak-Coelli runs two small businesses of her own, in addition to working two jobs.

“It’s Natalie’s idea. It started with her and her cousin-in- law, and then it started spreading,” said Nicole Ivanoff, one of the business owners involved in the collaboration.

“Suddenly there were eight of us involved.”

The brilliant minds behind Tommy Teacup Treasures, Hugh & Me Wire Creations, Sonny & B Candle Creations, A Little Bit Me, Feather& Finn, Whimsical Creations, Gone Potty and Ivy Wall Hangings made the choice to combine their resources and move into a brick and mortar store in East Street.

Nearly every business owner is juggling their business with a family and a job (or two).

“It’s a second job that we can do in our spare time, when we get it,” Ms Ivanoff said. “We all have different products, which is good, because no-one is stepping on everyone else’s territory and you’re bound to find something for your Christmas shopping.”

In addition to the many craft businesses, Ms Zak-Coelli will be utilising her photography business, Zak Photography.

Visitors to the shop will have the chance to book family photos or get a snap with Santa.

“This just gives us a central point, it saves us on postage – lots of small online businesses have to add on postage to the price. It keeps money in the town and means people don’t have to leave town to do their Christmas shopping, and that’s what we want to see,” Ms Ivanoff said. “We were having a chat and we really thought we’d give it a try next year, if it works.”

Opening hours:
• Wednesday 10am-5pm
• Thursday 10am-5pm
• Friday 10am-5pm
• Saturday 9am-12pm

As Christmas approaches, the shop may adjust their hours to allow for more foot traffic.

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