Club supports health awareness

From right: Tom Savage, Jarrod Lane, Isaac Williams and Bruce Russell.

The Narrandera Football Netball Club will be holding their annual fundraiser for prostate cancer – and this year there will be information available about mental health as well.

The Prostate & Mental Health Awareness Day will be held this Saturday to  coincide with the senior Eagles’ home  game against the Ganmain Grong Grong Matong Lions.

“It’s the third year we’ve run the prostate day, and the first year the mental health side of things is on board,” said Bruce Russell. “The mental health awareness has come through on the behalf of the Orme family. It’s open to everyone, as long as they’re over 18.”

The mental health awareness has been supported by the Black Dog Institute, and the team will be wearing guernseys from the institue for the game. Funds raised on the day would go  towards local charities, including Can Assist.

“It’s kind of amazing, the fundraising support we get,” said Eagles president  Mark Savage. “Sometimes people just duck in so  that they can put a $20 in the tin and duck out. They just want to help.”

Mr Russell wanted to emphasise that  the day was for the whole town – not just men, and not just people involved in the club either.

“If you normally have a get-together  and a few drinks with the girls on a  Saturday, why not bring it to the club?  You don’t even have to watch the footy.”

Tickets for the event are $50, which includes a very generous drink and  food allowance. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of both prostate health and mental health. Men in regional areas tend to be over-represented in mental health statistics, and due to their own socialised hang-ups, tend to be less likely to seek professional help in a crisis.

The Eagles always try to aim the Prostate and Mental Health Awareness Day when they’re playing against the GGGM Lions, so that the benefits of the day can be extended throughout the community.

After the day there will be an after-party held at the Golf Club, with doors opening at 6pm for a 7pm start. Tickets from the Awareness Day will allow for free entry into the golf club, or
$10 at the door. A live band will be playing and food will be available.

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