Celebrating the end of harvest

Gary Painting, Kevin Clarke, Wayne Lucas and Kerry Painting enjoying a drink at the Header Drivers Convention last Friday.

The Header Drivers Convention was on last Friday, and according to organisers it was “very successful”.

Roughly 150 people made their way to the Narrandera Race Club to celebrate the end of harvest and raise much-needed funds for Can Assist.

While confirmation is needed, the funds for Can Assist are believed to be well above last year’s $10,000, with a current rough estimate of over $16,000.

Organiser Neil Seidel said he was amazed at people’s generosity.

“We got to the end of the night, and blokes I didn’t know all that well were chucking $50 into the tin because they thought it was a good cause.

“I’ve had someone offer me $1500 last Monday, after it was all over. It’s just been amazing.

“It was a great night. There were no dramas, the food was all gone, and we still had some beer left at the end.”

A highlight of the evening is the awards for those who have made a blunder during the harvest season. Winners receive a hat embroidered with a message of admission “to really rub it in,” Mr Seidel said.

The pinnacle of these “I stuffed up” awards is to be presented with the Troy Parry Memorial Trophy for the Blonde Moment Award.

The trophy, a snapped-off final drive from a header, is presented to someone who has truly proven themselves worthy of making a huge and occasionally expensive mistake.

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