Businesses targeted

The Toyota Dyna that was stolen on Monday. The thieves removed the battery and replaced it with another one, discarding the original.

Four crimes occurred in Narrandera on Monday night as thieves appear to run rampant in the town.
Between Monday night and Tuesday morning a truck was stolen from Precision Irrigation in Douglas Street.

Thieves cut the power of the business next door and gained access through a side gate. Using a jumper kit and other tools found on the premises, the thieves removed the battery of the truck and replaced it with the battery of another truck owned by the business. The Toyota Dyna was the only property removed from the business and the owner has speculated that it was the only item the thieves were interested in.  They made no attempt to access the main building. This truck was used to ram the front gates of the business, which were so badly damaged by the force and speed of the truck that they have had to be scrapped.

There was also a break and enter in Charles Street on Monday  night. A residential construciton site was entered, and some tools – bolt cutters – were stolen. There was damage done to the site, namely the fence, which was broken to gain access to the neighbouring property.

It is believed that these three incidents could be connected, as it would appear that the stolen truck was used to ram the gates of  a furniture shop on East Street.

After using the truck to ram open the back gates of the furniture shop, the thieves gained access to the rear of the building. They then stole a considerable quantity of household furniture. At present a precise inventory of missing stock has not been taken, but it appears that the thieves filled the truck to capacity. Items stolen include television units, coffee tables, a wall clock and a king bed. The thieves also stole some electrical equipment, and removed the hard-drive of the store’s CCTV cameras.

In a display of breathtaking cynicism, some of the stolen furniture was earmarked for the Kurrajong assisted living units under construction in nearby Charles Street.

The truck has been located; it was found abandoned but intact and after testing by police it has been returned to the business. Damage was done to the windscreen and the front lights. Foliage and twigs discovered in the tray and underneath the bed of the truck led to speculation that the truck was driven off-road, possibly through bushland.

A trailer was also stolen from a depot on Barellan Road. The trailer has white Sunraysia rims and an extra long draw bar.

Police arrested and charged a 14 year old boy last Sunday in relation to an incident of malicious damage that occurred at the Narrandera Railway Station on June 29. The boy has been granted conditional bail and will appear at Narrandera Children’s Court on September 22.13

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